The Jacksons – Destiny b/w Blame It On the Boogie (Epic 12-6983) (1979)


Crowds Cheer As ‘King of Pop’ Comes Back To Life

(Los Angeles, CA) – Jubilent crowds gathered outside the Los Angeles Court of Criminal Justice cheered wildly as L.A. district attorney Jason Bexley announced that a criminal jury had found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of singer Michael Jackson. At the same time, Jackson himself emerged from Holly Terrace at Forest Lawn Memorial Park’s Great Mausoleum, alive and well, to announce the resumption of his “This Is It” series of concerts which had been postponed due to the self-styled King of Pop’s death.

On her way out of Monday’s court hearing where Murray received his guilty verdict, Jackson’s sister LaToya told the crowd of media and fans, “Justice has been done, which has brought Michael back to life and made everything alright.”

Fans have been alternately elated at Jackson’s return from the grave and calling for revenge to be meted out to Dr. Murray.

“I’m so glad Dr. Murray has been found guilty of killing our beloved Michael,” said one fan who’d travelled all the way from Columbus, Ohio to keep vigil outside the Los Angeles courtroom during the trial. “I hope he gets the f*cking chair.”

“I’ve already got tickets for MJ’s London O2 Arena shows,” he added.

The singer called for fans and media “to respect my privacy and that of my family at this exciting time of my post-post death.”

[NB: Jacksons 12″ bought in Sandwich, Kent chaz for a quid–excellent long version of “Boogie”]

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  1. a brilliant and wicked mock report on wacko – just make sure none of his fans find out where you live! wacko is one those artists that annoy me in the respect that he produced some quite excellent music early on his career (“don’t stop til you get enough” is a fantastic disco track), but sadly not only became stagnant musically but also mutated into a complete arsehole as well, to the point where i now struggle to listen to any recordings of his without feeling some antipathy and resentment (other artists who fall into this category include bono, madonna, and morrissey)…

    however, when it comes to “blame it on the boogie” i have no such agonies – it never did much for me, and now it has been revisionistically annointed as an “all-time disco classic” i really despise it! contrary to what people think it wasn’t actually that big a hit at the time, possibly due to the fact it was competing with the original recording by the almost-identically named mick jackson (wonder how many people got home to discover they had bought the wrong version?)… although it’s a bit of a “bald men fighting over a comb” situation, given the choice i would go for mick’s version as at least the backing is a little bit funky even if his singing is weak, unlike the jacksons’ effort which may be vocally strong but whilst they’ve kept the tempo they’ve also removed the funk feel thus making it a sterile mid-tempo plod! perhaps someone should get access to the master tapes and wave a magic wand so wacko’s vocals appear over mick’s backing track?

  2. Unafraid to call it like he sees is W’force, you might actually prefer this bouncier feeling remix though.

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