Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert (ECM) (1975)

A unique one, at least as far as my collection is concerned, The Köln Concert is a 2Lp solo improvisational tour de force by American pianist Jarrett recorded live at the Cologne Opera House. If jazz and classical met in George Gershwin like cubism with each angle refracted but precisely delineated, they collide here as a roiling action painting, with Jarrett audibly grunting and whooping himself into an occasional frenzy as ideas and motifs tumble out in a rush of repeated gospel-tinged vamps, glissandi and rhythmic ostinati. Jarrett was, for the most part, literally making this up as he went along and sometimes the extemporisation sounds to me only just the right side of self-indulgent noodling and showboating—remarkably, this didn’t stop The Köln Concert from becoming the best-selling solo album in jazz history.

Strange that this passionate music should form the bedrock of that infuriatingly placid genre New Age.

Brought to you by the Wincheap Bootfair for £1.

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  1. Excuse me. Im from Argentina, and my English is poor. But I cant stop thinking that youre a liar, i cant belive the prices!
    If its true i hate you with all my heart.
    Best Regards anyway.

    • Unless you count Pig Latin ( and Ubbi Dubbi (, I am only fluent in one language. So I am forever impressed with people who can communicate in tongues other than their native ones. But while I appreciate that English is your second language, Johannesbugo, perhaps your missive would have been better received not quite so overheated and put something like: “The prices you pay for used records is quite remarkable! I am thoroughly jealous, but well done for putting in all that time and effort seeking out interesting records at such low cost and sharing this with the world.”

      And if this is political, I’m American, I only live in England.

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