Kings Messengers Quartet – Birth of Our King (BMC 559) (1983)


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There are no outward designs suggesting that this is a Christmas record, but the title makes it explicit: Long-running South African gospel quartet Kings Messengers’ The Birth of Our King album celebrates the holy Exit of our Saviour, Jesus H. Christ, from His Mother, Mary Christ’s glorious birth canal, which official, irrefutable records indicate occurred on Christmas Day 25th December 0000.

I was kinda hoping for a more African take on the Xmas story, but this is an orthodox (both ecumenically and rhythmically), middle-of-the-road, mostly a capella gospel Lp, whose repertoire wouldn’t be out-of-place in the most conservative C of E village parish, even if four tracks are sung in, I’m guessing, Zulu. More information can be gleaned from the excellent Electric Jive blogspot.

I had to step over several rutting, MDMA-crazed teenagers to get to this when I purchased in from a chaz this summer in Newquay. The lady gave me a funny look when I brought my selection to the counter as if it was the last thing she expected me to buy and why didn’t I get that nice OMD record instead.

To paraphrase The Onion, sometimes labels help save time.

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  1. Where can I obtain this album. The Kings is simply amazing

  2. im desperately looking for this album and will pay a reasonable price for it

  3. iam desperately looking for this CD for my uncle because he likes this kind of music,however they have been singing this song at church during their era so please I want to buy it for him because he is been looking for it in so many shops but they are nowhere to be found please especially spiritual rav guys I really want nomatter with encounter of price please.

  4. positive one for life time because I enjoy this music when he plays it in the LP wow.

  5. please where around south African music shops can I parchase this CD

  6. Not sure when in SA you could find this on CD, sorry. I tried to sell the vinyl on eBay and it didn’t go.

  7. can i have this alb
    um on cd plz

  8. i want to buy both the cd and vinyl can you assist me in getting it please?

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