Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants (TMSP 6009) (1979)

“Oh my God! Double gatefold! It’s so beautiful!”

I knew this wasn’t like a regular Stevie record, but still had high hopes when I relieved it from the original owner at the last Lyminge Garage Safari. I’d read that this early digital recording was something of a lost masterpiece, its reputation rehabilitated after an initially cool reception, and that Wonder himself rated it as some of his best work. But while it might work as soundtrack music, divorced from moving images, some weedy-ass synth sounds that wouldn’t scare a 5 year-old, cloying muzak and a general air of self-indulgence make this an unwelcome listen ’round these parts. Apart, that is, from “Race Babbling”, a nine-minute hidden gem of proto-house that some Balearic DJ needs to cane, if he isn’t doing so already. Spotify that one–seriously wickit!

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  1. i remember this album being seriously panned by the critics when it was released (not so much because of the music but because of the concept), and that probably dented the chances of the single released from it (“send one your love”) being a hit. however, personally i think that track is one of the best things stevie ever did…

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