Edwin Hawkins Singers – Oh Happy Day! (Buddah 203 125) (1969)

Edwin’s second appearance in these pages, this is the Lp that made him and his singers famous. Despite the liner note implications to the contrary, some voices are more important than others; in this case, Dorothy Combs Morrison, whose lift was missing from the Friend album. Her solos on the title track and “Joy, Joy” are quite stirring.A production quibble: the vast amount of echo applied (naturally, I assume) renders a sound dominated by full-on mid-range which swallows the bluesy piano, bass and drums. I appreciate that it is both a rhetorical production technique, suggesting, as it does, a great church and a practical consideration when accommodating a vast choir, but, ultimately, it make for a hard listen in anything more than small doses.

Another record from last Saddy’s Hythe reconnaissance mission.

P.S. Does anyone else think it’s ironic that a Christian gospel record appears on the Buddah label?  And is anyone else troubled that Buddah is misspelled?

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  1. apparently when the owners of buddah records relaunched their label in more recent times they changed it to the correct spelling of buddha, however i don’t suppose in the mind-blowing drug-fest that was the swinging sixties anyone was too bothered about such attention to detail back then… or that anyone noticed or was even aware of the error either!

  2. “Grammar is the greatest joy in life.”
    -Lemony Snicket

  3. […] so off-puttingly echo-y as the last Edwin Hawkins Lp reviewed, this VG++ condish choral style album is a great example of soul influencing gospel […]

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