The Original Blind Boys of Alabama – Oldtime Religion (688 520 ZL)

Whether or not there was a Fleetwood Mac-style legal kerfuffle involved, I don’t know, but the Blind Boys of Alabama were sufficiently vexed for whatever reason to add a seminal prefix to their name for this excellent 1963 (?) Lp.  And though Vee-Jay* was home to a fair amount of tough 60s R&B, things get  surprisingly raw for such a venerated, pre-Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit almost 20 years into their career.

By the looks of things, Fontana’s Gospel Train series seems pretty hot–one eye shall be peeled in future for the rest. This particular issue was had from a chaz in Falmouth, where there are several good thrift stores and one brilliant record store, Jam Records.

* Oldtime Religion was originally released in the US as VJLP 5048.

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  1. Is this the record (etc) shop that is half way up the hill on the right (good pub a bit further up and a sort of courtyard area of little shops just opposite)?

    Assuming it is the last couple of times I was in Falmouth I was there at the wrong time and it was closed. On my last visit, just below it, there was a chazza that had been vacated except for a fairly large pile of vinyl sat right in the middle of the shop. Locked of course, so just stood there and gazed at it for a minute!

  2. Yes, that’s the one. They had loads of cool new/re-ish vinyl and CDs (including Light: On the South Side!).

    I know the exact charity shop you’re talking about, too. I’d been there the year before and, despite absolutely loads of product, I didn’t buy a sausage. Even so, as I walked past, like you, the now empty shop, I couldn’t help feeling pangs of desire looking at all that vinyl on the floor.

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