The Police – Ghost In the Machine (1981)

What, you seriously don’t like “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”? Wow, you’ve really got time for that?

I suppose you despise reading mystery novels on train journeys and eating cereal for desert. I don’t wonder you’re the kind of person who refuses to share “What do call a guy who…” jokes with friends or enjoy trips to the country to see your cousins. I bet you can’t bear the laughter of children, either.

Jesus, what’s the matter with you?

Oh, I know.

You’re a Hater.

And I pity you.

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  1. i don’t hate the song particularly. i just hate sting with an all consuming passion that undermines any potential enjoyment i might get from his songs.
    ditto Bono/U2

  2. although each contained some classic tracks, alas the police never released an album that was good all the way through as sting’s obviously-less-talented-songwriting-wise colleagues always insisted on having at least one of their weedy songs featured on each album! unfortunately for him (and the band’s followers) both had been in the biz for far longer so were able to use their experience to force the issue – if they were concerned about missing out on royalties, instead of spoiling the albums they should have had their rubbish accommodated on the b-side of the singles, which i’m sure would have more-than-handsomely remunerated them in the manner roger taylor of queen was with the flip side of “bohemian rhapsody”, but sadly ego won out (at least in the short-term – the band was ultimately destroyed by it), and it probably didn’t help that one of them was the manager’s brother…

    later on when sting decided he could use his musical superstar status to try and change the world (along with his indian chum with the ice-hockey puck stuck in his gob) i began hating him too which was frustrating as i had always been an admirer of his work with the police, but as it happened the music he was producing at the time was rubbish anyway, which may have been no coincidence due to his distractions with non-musical issues. however, fortunately unlike that pratt bono he now seems to have realised perhaps it wasn’t such a great idea after all and thankfully keeps a far lower profile these days!

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