Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two – Story Songs of the Trains and Rivers (Sun 6467012) (1969)

You know how if you say a word enough times it becomes ludicrously and eye-wateringly funny? Try it with the word Lurpak® (an English butter) or make up your own.

See? Hilarious!

Now, the next time you see a picture of Johnny Cash, have a real close look. Take your time and study the picture hard. In the same way, you will find that Johnny Cash is really funny looking, especially his nose.

A trip to Hythe on Bank errands gave me the sneaky opportunity earlier today of finding at Demelza House this transport-themed rockabilly Lp from Cash’s own Sun Sessions (’55-’58), which offers no surprises, but no gaffes and plenty of the Boom-Chicka-Boom you want.

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  1. Lurpak is Danish.

    • You’re right, of course. I should have said a butter available in England.

  2. That just about nailed it.

    • :thumbs up:

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