Average White Band – Soul Searching (SD 18179) (1976)

Yet another Average White Band Thrifty Vinyl post and yet another sparkling funk-soul album it is, too; though perhaps slicker, more L.A. than earlier Lps, a result, I think, of the Brecker Brothers horn sound. Apart from a general regard for AWB, one reason I was specifically interested in Soul Searching was hearing a studio cut of the Hamish Stewart/Ned Doheny song “A Love of Your Own” (a live take is on the Best Of), previously mentioned here. Having got used to Doheny’s tempered blue-eyed soul approach, Stewart’s more animated technique sounds a bit overheated, though after only two listens, I’m already getting used to it. Nothing is quite as distinctive as that song, but all of it’s good and it all sounds great thanks to legendary producer Arif Mardin. I thrifted the still-in-plastic US press Soul Searching this afternoon at the Lord Whiskey Cat Sactuary Tea Rooms in Rhodes Minnis on the way to Canterbury for but one pound sterling.

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  1. What is it about Kent? They definitely do not have chazzas like this in my neck of the woods. Or perhaps I’m just not looking hard enough?

  2. I do pretty much look once a week–with thrifting it’s all about persistence and luck. And let’s face it, though if I’m often finding good/interesting records, it’s because I (mostly) know what to look for and even still I’m almost never getting anything wildly valuable.

    There is a strata above me that just wants it that much more–I simply can’t get up that early for the boots or bother to forge relationships with the chazzas to hold stuff back.

  3. I’m operating in your strata most of the time. When I do try to mix it with the higher beings at stupid o’clock I usually fail miserably. I should know my place.

    Another boot season is about to start in earnest – now The BBC One Show has done it’s vinyl feature (not for the first time,either) I wonder if we shall see a spate of higher priced vinyl at the fairs and a rash of new digging pretenders?

  4. There’s been a bit too much vinyl hoo-hah on 6Music as well, never mind this month’s Record Store Day fetishism. It’s a worrying trend, for sure.

    I suppose I’m not helping things, come to think of it. 😐

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