The Undisputed Truth – Smokin’ (WHK 3202) (1979)

Producers don’t usually get front cover credit, but such was Norman Whitfield’s command over urbanspacegroup The Undisputed Truth that he’s namechecked in centered, 36-pt. type for all to see on premier face of the final UT Lp sleeve. Not that it seems to have done them much good, the record didn’t even chart and the album’s only single (“Show Time”) struggled to #55 US R&B. As it happens, while many of the right funky moves are made and not that this is a total washout by any means, there is a let-down, second-tier silliness about Smokin’–I mean, talk of  their funk being “a brand new thing” and “Tazmanian monsters” and whatnot, not to mention guff about “there’s life on other planets”–that smacks of trying-to-hard-with-things-we-don’t-really-believe careerism.

So: more smoke than fire.

Another £1-still-in-its-original-plastic googah from this afternoon’s ransacking of the Lord Whiskey Cat Sanctuary Tea Rooms*.

*I did not make this place up.

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  1. not the first time that norman whitfield took a front sleeve credit – he also managed the same feat with at least one temptations album, although i don’t know if it because it was thought his name would boost sales potential, or (more likely i suspect) that he had a massive ego…

    the only other instance i can recall of a producer getting front page billing was robbie robertson on neil diamond’s “beautiful noise” album, although in this case i suspect diamond wanted to emphasise that he was now moving in a more rocky and street-cred direction with his new hip producer, rather than robertson insisting on a credit…

  2. “Beautiful Noise”: as a description, only half right.

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