Blaktwang – “Kik Off” 12″ (MAGICT23) (2002)

When I lived in Bristol during the dying days of the last century, Banksy art was all around. I was spoiled and, not knowing he was unique, assumed every British city had its own anarcho-daubist. Now you can buy reproductions of his work at TK Maxx and charity shops and the once-provocative style has itself been co-opted by everyone from insurance companies to children’s yoghurt. I’m sure the irony is not lost on the man.

In the meantime, Banksy designs have graced some three score album/singles covers, with most utilising extant images and many unauthorised. While the image used by Blaktwang on his “Kik Off” 12″ is genuine and bespoke, it hits nowhere near as hard much of his work being a fairly standard gansta conceit slightly amped-up with a Molotov cocktail.

The music is a good, stuttering anticipation of wooziness later perfected by Flying Lotus,  et al. Blak’s flow resembles Mos Def and Ty, if not quite so nimble. As for the content, well, someone should tell these so-called rappers that potty mouth bragging is a sign of insecurity and doesn’t really impress anyone.

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