Antonio Carlos Jobim – The Girl From Ipanema (MFP 50437)

Given the recording dates involved (’67-’70), I was, perhaps unrealistically, hoping for a Hard Bossa Brazilian Fusion take on Jobim’s deal when I bagged The Girl From Ipanema last Saturday in Hythe. Alas, while “Tema Jazz” comes close, this late ’70s MFP comp of Jobim’s three A&M Lps (originally titled Look To the Sky) is a mostly terminal lapse in to adult mood music designed to soothe anxious turn-of-the-decade Americans; arranged by Deodato, among others, I probably should have guessed. Only on the trio of songs lifted from Wave (“Wave,” “Lamento” and “Mojave”) does ‘Ton recapture some of the minor key lull, hypnotic swing and mellow edge that characterises the best Bossa; I think it’s because his guitar, not piano, is featured on those numbers, but I could be wrong.

And really, that (re)title!

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  1. even today sadly most brits have absolutely no idea who antonio carlos jobim is, but mention “the girl from ipanema” (to my knowledge the only ever UK bossa nova chart hit) then you may well see a light bulb go on over their head – which was probably why this re-issued album was re-titled in this pragmatic manner…

    i agree with you that this album is far from the best representation of bossa nova, and the re-worked version of the (new) title track has obviously been worked too-hard upon in an unsuccessful attempt to inject a bit of life and make it sound a bit different… to be honest, (like bacharach) jobim was never the greatest of singers, and even his instrumental interpretations have a tendency to be anaemic and by-the-book, so i would rather listen to others interpret his amazing songs than the man himself…

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