The Young Rascals – Groovin’ (SD 8148) (1967)

Free poster included with Groovin’.


  1. The group successfully used a worm hole in the space-time continuum to go back in time and sue producer Hal Roach, forcing him to the change the name of his “Little Rascals” to “Our Gang”.
  2. They were originally known as The 20-Something Rascals
  3. In 1968, band members decided to change their name from The Young Rascals to The Rascals because they felt Young Rascals didn’t reflect their growing maturity as performers and writers; and The Rascals sounded so much more grown up.
  4. Atlantic boss Ahmet Ertegun initially didn’t want the band to release “Groovin'” as single because he said it “sounded like the fuggin’ Bonazna theme song.”
  5. Most people are aware that the Rascals were part of Joey Dee and the Starlighters, who had a huge hit with the “Peppermint Twist” (1961), but few know they also provided the backing music for the 1996 UK Subs song “Bitter and Twisted.”
  6. The band still receive royalties from Twizzlers red licorice.
  7. Sorry, I meant Twister, the so-called “sex in a box” game by Hasbro.
  8. For three years running (between 1967 and 1969), Dino Dinelli was voted Drummer Most Likely to Look Like Your Uncle.
  9. Strictly speaking, the term “blue-eyed soul” is a misnomer when applied to the Rascals, as they are not really that soulful.
  10. In New Jersey, the Young Rascals were known as a “Goombah Soul” group.
  11. Blue Eyed Sole, a fish with genetically modified irises spiced with basil and oregano, was put on the menu at a diner in the band’s hometown of Garfield, New Jersey to celebrate their 1997 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  12. The hit “People Got to Be Free” (1968) was a thinly veiled tribute to slain American political leaders Malcolm X and George Lincoln Rockwell.
  13. In 1980, Pat Benetar became the first recording artist to cover an entire album by another artist. The Lp? You guessed it, Groovin’.
  14. Atlantic Records staged a national competition to choose a cover design for Groovin’. Unfortunately, a drawing had to be selected at random from the rejects pile when the finalists’ entries were destroyed in the same warehouse fire which caused the loss of unreleased masters, alternate takes and sessions tapes by artists who had recorded for the label.
  15. And, er…that’s it.

I picked this up for $2 at a junk store in the States last time I was there.

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  1. So, I should buy this record then?

  2. Yes, if you like 60s soul-garage rock it is an excellent example.

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