The Rolling Stones – “Miss You” b/w “Far Away Eyes” (12 EMI 2802) (1978)


I’d been holding out for quite some time, sleeping by myself. I was missing my girlfriend–missing the sex, frankly–and thought there was a possibility we might get back together. So I’d resisted the lure of other women in the hope that our separation wouldn’t be permanent.

We’d broken up several times over the years. It was always my fault. I’m an incorrigible flirt and had taken it too far more than once. I understood why she felt insecure. But this time was different, this time I was the insecure one, constantly hanging by the phone, waiting and, as I said, not sleeping around. If only I could kiss her.

Now, even my lonely sleep was troubled. She was literally starring in my dreams. Lord, I miss her.

The telephone in my brownstone is in the hallway, on the third floor. One time it actually rang when I was loitering nearby, ever hopeful. But it was just some friends of mine trying to cheer me up.

“Hey, what’s the matter man?” they asked. “We’re gonna come around at twelve with some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin’ to meet you.”

I had to admit I was tempted. Sensing weakness, my friends pressed their advantage: “We’re gonna bring a case of wine,” they promised, sweetening the deal. “Hey, let’s go mess and fool around, you know, like we used to.” But I passed.

Why is she waiting so long? Come on! Come on! I called out to no-one in particular.

Lately, I’ve taken to walking around in Central Park, sometimes singing right out loud in the gloaming. People look at me as if I’m mad. Maybe I am. They see me stumbling along, shuffling through the thoroughfare and ask, “What’s the matter with you Jim boy?” Sometimes I want to say to myself…Sometimes I say…you know what? You’re strong. You don’t miss her

But it’s not too long before I realise that I’m just lying to myself. It’s her and her alone. The way she’s been blotting out my mind or whatever, fooling on my time. I’ve become so inarticulate.

Lord, I miss her.

Editor: Some Girls was the second Lp I ever purchased at retail (Steve Martin’s Wild & Crazy Guy was the first). In 8th grade someone brought in the American 12″ of this which I thought was the coolest. I acquired that version sometime later, but couldn’t resist this UK pink vinyl picture sleeve product when it presented at a boot fair for cheap.

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  1. Well, I wouldn’t be able to resist either!

  2. once i decided i preferred listening to music on the more accessible cassette format (when in my early twenties), i (no doubt like many others) got rid of most of the vinyl i’d collected in my youth. however, i hung on to this one in the deluded belief that it would one day be worth something because it was a limited edition release in pink vinyl… 20 years after having bought it , and being vaguely aware that vinyl was having some kind of revival at that point, i gave it to a friend of mine who was trading at collectors fairs to sell on in the expectation i would be quids in… and was gutted when he told me he couldn’t give it away!

  3. My Bro’ bought me this back in 1978… I still have it!

    • Nice.

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