Atlanta Rhythm Section – A Rock and Roll Alternative (1976)

Alternative only in the sense that this southern songwriting collective shows more pop nouse than fellow live powerhouses Lynyrd Skynrd or the Allman Brothers (see also Cate Brothers). The hit “So In To You” shows off the band at its funky, Fender Rhodes-driven best, though there are highlights aplenty.

How the punks must have gagged–fie on them.

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  1. i don’t suppose this band gave the brits much of a thought when they decided to name themselves in a way that could be acronym-ised in such fashion… maybe they should team up with courtney love’s band and call themselves ARShole?

  2. I wondered if someone (from the UK) would point that out!

  3. as an adjunct to the atlanta rhythm section acronym, and our curious attitude to how we interpret it, i was watching arsenal playing on “match of the day” last night, and nowadays they put an abbreviated name of the teams next to the score on the screen i.e. MNU (manchester united) 1, CHE (chelsea) 0…. the most obvious abbreviation for the gooners is ARS, but until recently the program directors couldn’t bring themselves to use that (presumably for the fear of corrupting pre-pubescent boys sniggering at what it implied), resorting to other less obvious abbreviations such as ANL, or even ASNL at times, thus having to use an extra letter when it wasn’t necessary!

  4. ANL’s pretty funny, too; that is if you are, or merely think like, a 13-year old.

  5. never thought of ANL in that way before ha ha!

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