Os Bambas – O Melhor em Samba Vol. 7 (OKeh 112278) (1972)


(Alternate Universe) — It’s official. With an estimated 50 million copies sold, the Brazil pressing of Os Bambas’ O Melhor em Samba is the most popular record Lp of all time in one particular given alternate universe, one of an infinite number of possible four dimensional spheres of existence.

The 1972 album’s popularity is easily explained when you know that lively, middle-of-the-road samba music is that particular parallel universe’s most popular music genre and style. Not to say it’s without objective charm, really, but other alternate universes, our’s for example, might find Os Bambas’ O Melhor em Samba generic with little of the verve and delight of the previous decade’s alternate universe Bossa Nova; which, as it happens, is exactly the same as our universe’s.

But no, not there, not in that solitary spacetime. There, the collection, otherwise known as The Best in Samba Volume 7 by the Unsteady, went gangbusters, remaining in its charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988, giving it a longer chart run longer than any other album in that universe’s unique cosmology of manifold events making up everything both perceived and perceivable.

Much lore surrounds O Melhor em Samba in that lone space-time continuum’s history. For example, there exists an amusing, but apocryphal, rumour about O Melhor em Samba soundtracking that universe’s movie version of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (which stars Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman). The story was started in the late 1980s when marijuana addicted alternate universe university students noticed that, if synchronised just so with the movie, George throws a fruit bowl at Martha just when the song “Alô , Alô  Taí Carmen Miranda” begins.

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  1. Is this real? 50 million copies? Do you have the other volumes?

    • It’s real only in an alternate universe, i.e. it’s not real in our universe, if you see what I mean. Perhaps I tried too hard with this one. 🙂

      I have no other volumes in the series.

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