The Rolling Stones – Aftermath (LK.4786) (1966)

The Rolling Stones – Aftermath; original UK mono edition (LK 4786); red “unboxed” Decca logo; matrix nos. XARL-7209-5B/7210-1A.

So it’s come to this. Not only do I have to buy my own birthday Lps, I have to “pay” for them using records I’ve thrifted. It’s sad, but the Age of Austerity has really begun to bite.

Speciously included in the Thrifty Vinyl canon because, despite the fact that this particular copy of Aftermath retailed for approximately 50 times more than 90% of the product featured herein, it actually cost me nothing since I exchanged chazza records (several formerly of this parish, and, really, not that many of them) in trade for it at Rock Bottom Records in Whitstable.

I won’t comment on the excellence of the Lp as a whole except to say it’s top drawer stuff, but the sound is worth a mention. I only have Aftermath on a cassette I compiled in the early 90s conflating the (quite different) US and UK editions, plus timely single As and Bs, using the first CD stereo re-issues, so that’s all I have for comparison purposes; even so, I can tell they nailed this mix, it sounds fantastic, i.e. like what it’s supposed to sound like.

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  1. That’s quite a score! I have their first two LPs on original pressings and they are superb to say the least.

  2. I’ve bought LK.4786. XARL-7209-4B/ XARL-7210-5A today in Hassleholm, Sweden. This is mother 1 and 3B.
    Fredrik Jarl Sweden

    • Well played Fredrik.

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