Sade – Promise (1985)

As you read these words, what does the voice in your head sound like? Does it sound like your voice? Your voice as it sounds like on tape? Can you change the voice in your head? After you read this sentence, re-read it in the “voice of God”. Was your voice a lot deeper with echo on it? Did you lower you chin, put a scowl on, mouth the words? Now re-read this sentence as a stereotypical male gay, with sibilant Esses. Now as a stereotypical urban African-American. As Asian reporter Trisha Takenawa. As Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Is the voice in your head a homophobic racist?

Does the voice in your head tell you to do things? Do you have different voices to tell you different things? A voice filled will bonhomie to congratulate yourself on a job well done, say, or a stern voice to help you concentrate. What about the voice that tells you to do bad things? Is that voice ever so sly? Of course, you’d never actually do these bad things, would you? Well, maybe you’d do the not-too-bad things…like spit in the corner of a public toilet…or buy Promise by Sade when you hardly listen to her first album…or, maybe, things you know you’d never get caught doing. That would be okay wouldn’t it, if you’d never get caught. What voice are you reading this in now? Does the voice sound scared as you think about all the really bad things you’ve done that nobody knows about?

Don’t worry, you probably won’t ever get caught.

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