Another Side of Bob Dylan (1964)

Dylan hated the title, Another Side of Bob Dylan, feeling it obvious and trivialised his previous work. He was, however, unrepentant about a change in his style: “There ain’t no finger-pointin’ songs [on Another Side]. I don’t want to write for people any more. You know, be a spokesman. From now on I want to write from inside of me.” But people wouldn’t let the “protest” tag lie, judging by this June 1967 MAD cartoon from the feature “Comic Strip Heroes From Real Life.”

Another slightly tortured rationale for posting: having tried and failed to get to grips with Dylan, a friend, tired of the cult of Bob, sent me his copy of the excellent Another Side gratis. It came, apparently, from a market stall in Carlisle and cost a mere £2.

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  1. if anyone gave me a dylan album, i’d have to get rid of it as soon as possible (without playing it of course) – hopefully to one of those suckers who pay good money to “enjoy” his whining voice and wheezing harmonica!

    • Then let me know if you do get any Dylan Lps and I’ll send you my want list.

    • Nobody feels any pain.

  2. I’m with Wilberforce!

  3. I don’t mind Dylan at all but I don’t listen to his albums very often, I just don’t get the urge. He’s pretty cool though. Picked up some mono original pressings of his early albums for virtually nothing recently – they hadn’t been that well looked after though.

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