KC and the Sunshine Band – Part 3 (JSL12) (1976)

Unconfirmed Minutes of the Meeting of KC Parish Council held on October 1976 in TK Studios, Florida

Present: Harry “KC” Wayne Casey (Chairman); Richard Finch (Co-chair); Jerome Smith (Clerk); Oliver C. Brown; Robert Johnson; Fermin Goytisolo; Ken Faulk; Vinnie Tanno; Mike Lewis: Whit Sidener; Beverly Champion; Margaret Reynolds; Jeanette Williams.

In attendance: TK Records, members of the public

1.  Apologies for absences: were accepted from Cllrs George and Gwen McCrae.

2.  Declaration of interest by councillors: all present expressed interest in boogieing and booty shaking.

3.  Public adjournment: It was agreed to adjourn the meeting for public comment and questions. The wording of the first paragraph of minute 3 (“I Like To Do It”) in the unconfirmed minutes of the Part 3 meeting was subject to query by members of the public, specifically that the antecedent of the “it” that Chairman Finch would like to “do” with “you” is unclear and subject to misinterpretation. The public understood that the proposal was to “let’s go, you know, let’s party, let’s go get down.”  The Clerk confirmed that these words, or similar, were used in the discussion but that the “it” referred not only to getting down and partying, but implied sexual congress as well.

4.  Chairman’s announcements: The chair expressed that he “was crazy and would do anything to be near you” and further, that he is “a boogie man, that’s what [he is]”, that he is “your rubber ball”and that he is “here to do whatever [he] can”.

5.  Approve/objections minutes from last meeting: Councillors agreed to approve keeping it coming love but objected to the fact that the word “baby” was obviously not being used enough.

6.  Matters arising from minutes: Part 3‘s shortness. It lasts less than 29 minutes.

7.  Report from Community Warden: The warden said he is available “early morning, late afternoon or at midnight, aww, it’s never too soon.”

9.  Planning Committee: Having issued four albums in less than three years, the planning committee agreed to wait a further two years to release another (lackluster) Lp.

10.  Finance and Administration Committee: Part 3 contains two No. 1 singles and a No. 2 single on the Billboard Hot 100; the Lp itself went treble platinum in the US, despite stalling at the 13th position in the album charts.

11.  Reports from Outside Bodies:

  • Robert Christgau gave Part 3 a B+
  • Prince Asbo of Thrifty Vinyl said Part 3 was great, but that that was it as far as KC is concerned.
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  1. in the wake of the great “middle-aged DJ abuses attentions of starstruck jailbait” furore, i thought i’d mention that according to wiki, KC’s bassist and songwriting partner rick finch is currently behind bars for supposedly committing acts of “inappropriate sexual contact”…

  2. Yikes.

    Speaking of the person who put the “vile” in “Savile”, he’s cropped up on Thrifty V before. See comments here: https://thriftyvinyl.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/dick-clark-20-years-of-rock-n-roll-buddah-0798-1973/#comments

  3. by coincidence that was me who compared our very own “mr now then” to the eternal teenager of american rock and roll! didn’t dick clark die about the same as our now-public-enemy-number-one equivalent? i wonder if anyone then started rooting for any skeletons in his closet? with regard to JS, there was always a feeling that someone who was so odd and so firmly went out of his way to flout convention must have had something to hide (and although his huge efforts for “charidee” may have headed suspicion off at the pass in some quarters, i suspect in others it was seen as being even more of a smokescreen), but perhaps despite the current witch-hunt and damnation it wouldn’t surprise me if some were disappointed it wasn’t pre-pubescent boys involved rather than legally-underaged girls…!

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