The Beatles Flip Your Wig Game

To celebrate Thrifty Vinyl’s 600th post, something a little different. I bought this The Beatles Flip Your Wig Game from Mount Vernon, Ohio’s Goodwill Thrift Store when I was 10 or 11 for 50 cents. Years later, I spawned precisely two children so that the whole family could play the game on Saturday nights. I’m always John.

Of course, not many people these days have actually seen the game, let alone played it; for those unfortunates, I will provide a précis.

The specific objects of the game are different for each player, but all involve going around and around the board a seemingly interminable number of times while you complete of an Lp’s worth of peerless pop songs without breaking up the band.

If you choose to be Ringo, you are not allowed to play unless the John and Paul players say you can. You must endure almost the entire game/album’s recording session waiting to move your piece/perform your drum parts and one lead vocal. When you can, you may collect Beatles cards, e.g. “You Learn to Play Chess”, “Have Another Drink” and “Actually Record a Drum Part/One Lead Vocal” to help you on your way. But there are Flip Your Wig cards which cause you to lose a turn, such as “George Sleeps With Your Wife”, “John Patronizes You” and “Paul Does Your Drum Bit When You Go Out For a Curry”.

The John player wins when he gets at least one more song on the album than the Paul player, though these must include two avant-garde pieces and/or odes to Yoko. However, “John” is obliged to play with a Yoko Ono player by his side during the entire game, kibbitzing and oblivious to the taunts and eye-rolling of her fellow players (NB: The Yoko piece is not included in the original game). Examples of Beatles cards helpful to John are “No-One’s In the Studio, Quick Go For It”, “Double Album Needs More Material” and “Yoko Gives You Several Titles to Choose From”. The Flip Your Wig cards include, “Solo Album Uses Up Indulgent Idea” (there are several of these cards), “Acorns For Peace Publicity Stunt Fails To Bring About World Peace” and “In Court Fighting For Custody of Yoko’s Daughter”.

If you are the George player, you win if he gets no less than three lead vocals on the album, one of which must be a raga. This player will more likely be successful if he or she picks up “John On LSD, Very Suggestible”, “Invite Eric Clapton or Billy Preston To Session, Everyone On Best Behaviour In Front Of Company” or “Fly To Bombay, Hire Proper Indian Musicians” Beatles cards. Your job will be a lot harder with lose-a-turn cards like, “Ravi Shankar Publicly Disses Your Sitar Playing”, “Paul Redoes Guitar Part It Took You 17 Hours To Tape,” and “No-One In Studio Knows How To Tune a Sitar”.

The Paul player must simply be the first player to quit after everyone else has quit.

I hope you liked that. Three of you are welcome to come by and play some Saturday night if the family’s watching X Factor.


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  1. congrats asbo – possibly your best contribution yet! (i presume the game is real, but once i realised you had invented your own cynical version of it i couldn’t keep a straight face)

    i’d come around to play the game with you, but unfortunately i don’t really want to be any of the beatles (other than for their money!)

  2. In 2012, I don’t think *anyone* wants to be John or George.

  3. Count me in. Bagsy not Ringo…

  4. Hi! I’m Anna from Hungary and I want to make this game for my sister’s birthday,because she is a huge The Beatles fan. If you can help me a little bit it would be amazing! I read your version but I don’t understand a few things. Which card is for what? It’s a little bit confusing, my english is not perfect at all :/ And can you tell me how many cards are there in the box? (How many yellow/flip your wig, etc) Thanks a lot if you are so kind to do this for an absolutly unknown person :)))

    • Hi Anna from Hungary. The rules as described above are not the actual rules, but ones I made up. However, I can share the genuine rules, just for you. I’ve updated the post to include the directions (in English–my Hungarian is not so good 😉 )

      • Thank you so much! I understood that, these rules weren’t the originals, but yours seems much more interesting to me 😀 I try to make similar game with your bonuses 🙂

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