Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (2000)

Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

AREA LADY UNRESPONSIVE TO REPEATED ENTREATIES BY LOCAL MAN                                             Blames Hearing Loss

(Columbus, Ohio) — In what local officials are calling “remarkably cold”, an area lady has remained unmoved by serial pleas from a local man for her to “hear him tonight”.

“We know that the local man has asked the area lady to hear him tonight at least six times,” said Columbus City Council spokesperson Wilson Hayes. “The Council finds her lack of response remarkably cold given the couple were dancing in the moonlight at the time.”

It is possible, said one eyewitness, that the music to which the pair danced was simply too loud to engage in a dialogue. The local man refuted this saying he “felt love for the first time” and “delight” that he knew was “true [because of] the look in [area lady’s] eyes” which does not require aural communication.

“I just feel like I won’t get [area lady] out of my mind,” he added.

When reached by Thrifty Vinyl reporters for comment, the area lady signed that she was unable to hear the local man tonight as she has been profoundly deaf since birth.

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  1. this track by modjo (actually pronounced “mojo”, the confusion over which surprisingly didn’t hinder it’s rise to the top of the charts) is one of many late-90’s funky house tracks that was based around a sample of an old disco record (in this case a lesser-known chic effort). the funny thing is that if i wasn’t familiar with the original (despite being a disco fan of long standing) then it wouldn’t bother me, but if i know and love it already then it really pisses me off!

    as long as i don’t recognise the source then i really like a lot of this stuff (it’s an update of disco as far as i’m concerned) and have done a mix for my mixcloud page (maybe modjo will be featured in volume 2 if i ever get around to it):

  2. Since it came out in 1982 after Chic’s Golden Age, I’d never heard “Soup For One” before. Having now listened to it, I have to say it does take some of the shine off “Lady” being as it is less a “sample” than a wholesale “U Can’t Touch This” appropriation!

  3. The twist in this tale is hilarious and far better than Modjo’s entire output (did they do anything else??). They were an embarrassment.

    You can beat the Rogers though. Check out this Soup For One Masterclass. Look at that grin!

    • I bought the album when it came out (with WH Smith vouchers from my sister-in-law) since I liked the single so well and was mightily disappointed.

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