Prince & the Revolution – “America” b/w “Girl” (203089) (1985)


Given the amount of compromise it takes to achieve public office, it’s easy to be cynical about politricks in general and popular elections in particular. Nonetheless, we are celebrating the re-election of President Barak Obama at the Lyminge Democratic Headquarters by listening to all 21:46 Oxfam-purchased mins. of Prince’s frenetic and paranoid “America”. And as our President steers the mighty USS Democracy a few incremental degrees to the left, making a substantial positive difference in the longer term we hope, we note that we prefer the stomping twelve inch version of Around the World In a Day‘s fourth single since it features more groove and less of the the chorus whose melody is a not-very-clever blue note reworking of Ward and Bates’ “America the Beautiful”.

We are then relaxing as we contemplate the atmospheric pleading of the flip side.

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  1. Here in Australia we are grateful that Obama was re-elected. Romney is scary man (I know more than others – my girlfriend is an ex Morman)

  2. It’s so pity that Prince and the Revolution split up. Days of great music. But these guys worked recently with French producer RoxyParis on his album, Eric Leeds performed saxophone part on this track:

    More about this project:

    Keep listening quality music!

    • I just got the re-ish of D’Angelo’s 2nd Lp Voodoo and am loving it! I could be wrong, but I think Eric had a lot to do with the ultimate sound of that record.

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