Paul McCartney – Flowers In the Dirt (PCSD 106) (1989)

Transcript of Prince Asbo’s recently discovered audio diary, found on a CD-R in deepest Kent. We warn you, some readers may find the following distressing.

Day 335 without any post from Ekolad and 476 days since we’ve heard from Farmer Glitch…I find myself growing ever more light-headed and my hands shake as I adjust the weight of the tone arm [inaudible] with only scraps of scritchy soul jazz and Beatles related records to keep me going…had to resort to cannibalizing scores of Lps for supplies…[inaudible, possibly “I have grown a”] full beard…[audible panting as if out breath, followed by muffled speech]…fewer boot fairs…chaz shops picked over…what’s it all for?…I mean, look at this, a Flowers In the Dirt from Etchinghill purchased last summer–is that what it’s come to?…the first Macca solo “comeback” record in a long line touted as “his best since Band On the Run” is pretty energetic as these things go…saw him on tour behind Flowers…Elvis Costello co-writes…includes fold-out lyric sheet, heavy day-glo yellow inner sleeve…but it’s not enough to keep Thrifty Vinyl readers entertained [1 minute inaudible] tried to inject variety with different types of reviews, stories, fake news, surreal conceits, etc [apparent random words sounds like “big fire queer jumping townhouse gruffy (sic) smile insolvent”]….but all in same oh-so arch “voice” [shuffling obscures audio]…smug, not enough intellectual rigour to match pretensions, laboured know-it-all [begins sobbing], over-cooked big words critic speak clichés, no humanity…[sobbing then goes on for a full 3 minutes]…all same kind of “worthy” records, no silly or kitschy stuff…mummy, why is the stereo cabinet getting dark?…so very cold…if only…had help….[after a minute of heavy breathing, transmission ends].

Last known photo of the one called Prince Asbo.

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  1. Well – Macca albums can do that to you.

  2. The first side’s pretty good, the second’s got its share of dogs.

    • Sounds about right….

  3. Brilliant. You, not the record. Actually I’ve never heard the record but I’m betting it’s not much cop.

  4. i remember the hoo-haa when this came out – elvis costello was being raved about as the new “lennon” macca had been missing to add a bit of bite to his whimsy since he stopped collaborating with the original one. funny though, these days no-one mentions this LP in the same breath as “revolver”, “sgt pepper”, “white album” et al…

  5. lol

    • That doesn’t count. 😉

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