Sister Sledge – We Are Family (K50587) (1979)


FOLLOWING #1 RECORDS, SISTER SLEDGE NOW ACTING “LIKE THEIR SHIT DON’T STINK”                Neighbour Dismayed At Family’s New Attitude

(Philadelphia, PA) — They were fine when their first thirteen singles failed to reach the Billboard Top 40, but since twice ascending the top of the US R&B music charts with the songs “He’s The Greatest Dancer” and the title track to their third Lp We Are Family, a neighbour says sibling disco act Sister Sledge now walk around “like their shit don’t stink.”

“They’re all ‘Nile Rogers’ this and ‘Grammy nominations’ that,” spat 71-year old neighbour Lula Mae Bulkhead. “Flouncing around their newly redecorated art deco-style semi thinking they’re God’s gift, even that one who looks like an alpaca.”

“It makes we want to puke,” the crotchety septuagenarian spinster added. “And it’s only gotten worse since the Bucs [Pittsburgh Pirates] started using ‘We Are Family’ as a sort of theme song.”

“At least we can be sure those nice kids from Throbbing Gristle next door but one won’t turn into such twats,” Miss Bulkhead observed. “I mean, they’ll never have a hit record, will they?”

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  1. the title track is the best single of this album, and i remember loving the 12″ extended version (complete with breakdown) when it got played in discos on release, so when i got hold it a while back i tried editing the breakdown in the same way i had successfully done with the 12″ of chic’s “good times”. however sadly the task had to be abandoned due to the sisters’ relentless whooping-it-up, thus making it unlistenable!

    love the comment about the alpaca! i was always aware that one of them was not as good-looking as the rest – maybe they should have been a trio? lead singer kathy had a lovely smile (despite the fact that she wore braces – that would never happen now!), but the real looker was one of the remaining two…

    i suppose you’d say the british equivalent were the nolan sisters – oldest sister anne was probably the nearest they had to looking like an alpaca (which was probably why she wasn’t invited to join the recent reunions), whilst the best-looking ones were maureen and linda. and yet tomboy bernie did the lead singing, presumably because she had a stronger voice? well if “i’m in the mood for dancing” is anything to go by, it doesn’t say much for the rest!

    btw, youngest nolan sister colleen (who is now more famous for “loose women” these days) complained a few years ago of being groped by a certain radio 1 DJ when she appeared with the group on TOTP whilst only around 15 years old. however, in the wake of s*vilegate to my knowledge she’s not repeated those claims or in fact made any further statement, which is quite curious given she is obviously so media-friendly…

  2. True the title track is the best thing on the record, but it’s pretty solid all the way through.

    Re: ‘s*vilegate’, investigations into specific sexual harassers seems sensible, but this relentless flagellation of the BBC seems hysterical and misplaced.

  3. alpaca-thing …. LMAO… you made my day!

    • Still gettin’ laughs nearly three years later! 🙂

      • lol, i think this will remain for eternity. I am a massive SS fan and I always thought Debbie’s stance was weird and her body too stretched on that cover. I had never heard the name “Alpaca” before and when I “Image-Googled” the name, I almost fell on the ground, I thought I would die. LOL. Debbie looks way better in her older days. No hard feelings, I adore these girls.

  4. One more 18 months have passed : after the good laugh, the mourning …. so sad that Joni has died 2 days ago.

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