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Roxy Music – ‘Stranded’ (ILPS9252) (1973)

RoxyROXY FACE US BOYCOTT OVER NEW Lp COVER             Failure To Show Nips Will ‘Hurt Sales’ Says Atco London, England — Outrageous British art rock band, Roxy Music, are facing the ire of American record consumers over claims they deliberately obscured cover model Marilyn Cole’s nipples on the gatefold sleeve of their new Lp ‘Stranded’. A storm of protest has greeted Atco offices demanding the album be withdrawn until a new cover shot with exposed chapel hat pegs can be substituted.

“This was a definite provocation,” says Marta Josephs, whose consumer group Nipples On Roxy Music LPs (NORML), is spearheading a boycott of the third Roxy album. “How much effort would it have been to push that clingy, sopping wet dress and inch either side to show Miss Cole’s papillae? I mean, she’s turned the high beams on.”

“And, Jesus, doesn’t it just look like she’s got dinner plates an’ all,” she added.

Protesters have not been swayed by the fact that a small section of the model’s left areola is visible. Commenting on the backlash, Roxy Music lead singer Bryan Ferry said: “Bowing to pressure groups is obviously anathema to an artist, but I have heard your anxieties and I promise the next Roxy album will feature both visible head lamps and spiders legs.” MusicEditor’s note: from a boot fair in Headcorn, my favorite Roxy album.

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Cypress Hill – “Insane In the Brain” (660176 6) (1993)

Insane In the MembraneASK AN “INSANE IN THE BRAIN” 12″ SINGLE               Thrifty Vinyl’s Weekly Advice Column for Central Ohio

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                                  Are there any relaxation techniques you can recommend for someone having real trouble sleeping?                                                                  Signed, Sleepless in Westerville, Ohio.  

Dear Sleepless,                                                                                 Get with the ultraviolet dream.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                             What should I prepare for dinner tonight?                                                                  Yours, Hungry, Hungry Zeppo, Newark, Ohio.

Dear Hungry,                                                                                  Toss that ham in the fryin’ pan.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                                 I’m directing a local Am-Dram theater production of Guys and Dolls, how can you help me liven up the scenery?                                      Sincerely, Alfred Hatchplot, Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Dear Alfred,                                                                                           I got ta get my props.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                                 I’ve just totalled my third car in just over two years and my insurance premiums are through the roof. What can I tell my insurance broker?                                                                                           Yours, Al Unser the Third, Columbus, Ohio.

Dear Al,                                                                                                 Don’t make me wreck shit.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                               Since graduating from High School I’ve committed numerous acts of petty theft and vandalism. Everybody in the city is aware of my behavior and, basically, my name is mud in Hilliard; what should I do?                     

Thanking you in advance, The Oddfather, Hilliard, Ohio.                                                               

Dear Odd,                                                                                             Head underground to the next town.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                                 My optometrist says I need glasses, but they’re expensive and make me look like a geek. What can I do instead?                                                                  Signed, Blinky, Fredricktown, Ohio.

Dear Blinky,                                                                                       Look, but don’t make your eyes strain.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                                 The computer in our family room keeps freezing when I go on certain retail clothing websites. Any idea what could be causing this or better yet, what might fix it?                                                                  Yours Faithfully, E. Shopper, Columbus, Ohio.

Dear E,                                                                                                   Rip dat main frame.

Dear “Insane In the Brain”,                                                                 My wife and I are hosting a post-Christmas get-together to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a few friends. We don’t want a big blowout, just a casual evening. What would set the mood off right?                                    

From, The Party People, Granville, Ohio.

Dear Party,                                                                                           Hit that bong and break ya off somethin’ soon.

Confidential to Mid-Life Crisis in Newark, Ohio: That’s why I don’t fuck with the big four, oh.

Ask An “Insane In the Brain” 12″ Single is a weekly advice column hosted by Thrifty Vinyl. If you do your shit undercover, believe in the unseen or simply feel like Son of Sam, you may wish to seek guidance from an “Insane In the Brain” 12″ single c/o this website.

7 inchers Beatles Related

George Harrison – “Ding Dong” b/w “I Don’t Care Anymore” (R 6002) (1974)

Avon Calling


Second solo Beatle 7″ out of the Christmas/New Year’s season gate, “Ding Dong” is a charming piece of holiday-ana, if a bit slight lyrically and musically, lifted from the Dark Horse Lp. I purchased the single earlier this year from the (now sadly defunct) Green Door junque store in Hythe with an eye to posting kindly Xmas wishes to all the good-looking and intelligent readers of Thrifty Vinyl.

Do check out the cute Beatles-referencing vintage Hari video linked above.

12 inchers 80s Soul

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (1984)

I FEEL FOR UNews in Brief


(Minneapolis, Minn) — Following repeated massive discharges of substandard product in to the US marketplace, lawmakers in Washington have reached agreement with Warner Brothers Records requiring Prince to regulate his waste dumping, allowing only the release of goods which have passed high federal standards. The national directive means that substandard products such as Emancipation and the Vanity 6 project will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way before they can be ingested by unwary consumers; while healthy releases, such as “Sign “☮” the Times” and “I Feel For You” will be able to proceed unimpeded.

EPA spokesman Jamie Tan hailed the new law, saying, “While Prince is responsible for worthwhile output as well, there’s been far too much transfrontier shipment of low industrial grade and/or potentially toxic material. This legislation will ensure that none of Prince’s hazardous or contaminated waste will reach the American public.”

12 inchers Dance Electronical Jazz

Herbie Hancock – Rockit (TA 3577) (1983)

RoggitThis still sounds great. Surely one of the most influential singles of all time, it certainly blew my mind when it came out. Glad to get the S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D version on 12″.

Albums Folk

Pentangle – Basket of Light (TRA205) (1969)

Rum-ti-tum, Fiddle-dee-dee16-YEAR OLD ACCIDENTALLY LISTENS TO PENTANGLE Lp, GROWS FULL BEARD                                 Also Finds Pint of Marston’s Owd Roger At Elbow

(Canterbury, England) — Pentangle’s Basket of Light happened to be on the turntable when sixth former Jamie Barham needed some background music while studying for exams. By the end of side one, Barham felt a desperate desire to don an over-sized, moth-eaten jumper and quaff regional bitter. By the time the last notes of “House  Carpenter” were ringing silent, teenager Barham had transformed, lycanthrope-like, sprouting a full beard.

Instantly, it seems, Jamie Barham had become a folkie.

“‘Pon my work, ’tis the most extraordinary set of circumstances,” the A-grade student pronounced, already adopting that precise and condescending style of speech favoured by folkies and beer enthusiasts alike. “And this Owd Roger puts me to mind of the O’Hanlon’s Yellowhammer (ABV 4.2%) one supped at the Double Locks just outside of Exeter in 1992. I must check my log book.”

The copy heard by Barham of Basket of Light, Pentangle’s third and most commercially successful album, originally belonged to Barham’s grandfather, a semi-retired artisanal cheese maker. However, no-one knows, or is willing to admit, why it was on the turntable.

“I think of Pentangle more as a folk-jazz band than a folk-rock band,” said the newly hirsute teen smugly, as if no-one had ever made that observation before. “You see, they don’t impose a rock beat on their material; rather, they allow the songs’ own internal rhythms dictate Terry Cox’s percussion patterns.”

“It’s quite jazzy in that regard,” Barham continued.

There were already bread crumbs and other bits of food in the beard, which the Canterbury resident stroked thoughtfully whilst drinking beer from a monogrammed tankard.

This is not the first time a teenager has been brought over to the ways of folk music and real ale drinking in this manner. Said CAMRA’s Carl Rosenberg of Pentangle Lps: “Honestly, we get more members that way.”

Jamie Barham plans to finish her studies at Simon Langton Girls Grammar School before she begins work as apprentice duster at Cecil Sharp House in London.

Editor: the last of last week’s bonanza, where I passed on a couple Lindisfarne Lps.

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The Swingle Singers – Anyone For Mozart? (BL 7656) (1964)

Swingles - it's just fun to sayWell, since it’s you, yes; but I don’t think this is as successful as the group’s Bach pieces whose contrapuntal bounciness seems more appropriate for the application of the Swingle formula. And don’t those quotation marks in the supertitle look ironic?

Yet another rekkid from Hythe.

Albums Classic Rock Compilations

Chuck Berry’s Golden Decade Volume 2 (Chess 6641 058) (1972)


Of the “Great 28”, I think there’s maybe five here, but it’s still a great set, far stronger than Volume 3. In some ways, by eschewing the more obvious songs and cherry picking the best of rest, I’d say this makes for a better listen these days than the first installment. Liner note writer James Hamilton perceptively calls Berry’s “unique fusion of Country-influenced lyrics and Blues-influenced guitar” a “turn about” of the “early Presley formula.” Could have done without the “electronically reprocessed to give stereo effect on stereo equipment” though and I think I prefer the other (US?) sleeve.

Another Lp from yesterday’s Hythe chaz stroll with Mrs. Asbo.

Albums Soul

Ray Charles – Hallelujah I Love Her So! (Atlantic 587056) (1962)

SAM_1251BABY, WHAT’D I SAY?                                                                       Singer In Racist Outburst Shock

(Islington, London) – Ray Charles waded into the eye of a racist taunts storm last week when, after a heavy night’s drinking with his band in the Hope & Anchor pub in Islington, he called popular new wave singer Elvis Costello a “stupid, four-eyed cracker.” According to members of Graham Parker’s band, the Rumour, who were also drinking at the pub, it was following a good deal of “banter” and “joshing” between the two groups that the R&B vocalist and pianist made the offensive remarks. Rumour guitarist Brinsely Schwartz claimed Charles was also disparaging of Nick Lowe calling him a “honkey poseur” and of pub rock in general saying it was “a combination watered-down American garage rock, country and R&B”.

Charles has since apologised for his comments saying that he had been drunk and had been attempting to be obnoxious in order to bring the conversation to a swift conclusion, not anticipating that Schwartz would repeat his comments to the press. According to Charles, in trying to get rid of [the Rumour] “it became necessary for me to outrage these people with about the most offensive remarks that I could muster.”

Costello himself has forgiven Charles saying “anything he said to get that ofay midget Parker to shut up was acceptable.”


Editor’s Note: A good haul yesterday at Demelza House, Hythe which included the above, a UK mono 1962 re-issue of Charles’ self-titled 1957 Atlantic debut, itself a compilation of the previous four year’s singles. Having been dismissive of Brother Ray’s ABC recordings, I have to say this is the real deal, an excellent early R&B album, especially for a pound. More albums from this batch to follow.

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R.I.P. Ravi Shankar

Yehudi 'n' Ravi Together Again For the First Time

From the 1967 Thrifty Vinyl archives

SHANKAR ENCOURAGES DRUG USE AT MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL                                                                           Thoroughly Baked Sitarist Tells Throng to ‘Get Stoned To The Bone’ During Set

Knocking back a bottle of Jack Daniels, a clearly high Ravi Shankar told his audience at the Monterey Pop Music Festival: “Whatever you got to smoke, and I mean whatever, fuckin’ spark up now! I want you to get stoned to the bone while I play.” In response, clouds of acrid marijuana smoke could be clearly seen billowing over swathes of the 55,000 strong crowd.

Previously during Moby Grape’s act, the 47-year old Indian classical musician was observed stumbling among the audience sharing bottles of wine, pulling on bongs and even huffing oven cleaner with one delighted hippie. Later, struggling to bear the weight of his instrument, he interrupted a meanering performance of “Dhun (Dadra and Fast Teental)” to lead those in attendance in a 5-minute chant of “Shit! God Damn! Git of yo’ ass an’ jam!” and honk a fattie with Tabla player Alla Rakha. “Dude, don’t Bogart,” he could be heard to say when Rakha took more than one toke.

“Seriously kids, you don’t need drugs to enjoy this,” he slurred mischievously towards the end of his set, “Just enhance it!”

“Hell yeah!” he added. “That’s what I’m takin’ about!”