Chuck Berry’s Golden Decade Volume 2 (Chess 6641 058) (1972)


Of the “Great 28”, I think there’s maybe five here, but it’s still a great set, far stronger than Volume 3. In some ways, by eschewing the more obvious songs and cherry picking the best of rest, I’d say this makes for a better listen these days than the first installment. Liner note writer James Hamilton perceptively calls Berry’s “unique fusion of Country-influenced lyrics and Blues-influenced guitar” a “turn about” of the “early Presley formula.” Could have done without the “electronically reprocessed to give stereo effect on stereo equipment” though and I think I prefer the other (US?) sleeve.

Another Lp from yesterday’s Hythe chaz stroll with Mrs. Asbo.

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  1. asbo, as you’ve seem to have become a sort of obituary column recently, i would have thought you could have held this one back for the time being, as i’m sure chuck’s not very likely to be with us for much longer!

    • My mistake. I was just too pumped to hold back.

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