Pentangle – Basket of Light (TRA205) (1969)

Rum-ti-tum, Fiddle-dee-dee16-YEAR OLD ACCIDENTALLY LISTENS TO PENTANGLE Lp, GROWS FULL BEARD                                 Also Finds Pint of Marston’s Owd Roger At Elbow

(Canterbury, England) — Pentangle’s Basket of Light happened to be on the turntable when sixth former Jamie Barham needed some background music while studying for exams. By the end of side one, Barham felt a desperate desire to don an over-sized, moth-eaten jumper and quaff regional bitter. By the time the last notes of “House  Carpenter” were ringing silent, teenager Barham had transformed, lycanthrope-like, sprouting a full beard.

Instantly, it seems, Jamie Barham had become a folkie.

“‘Pon my work, ’tis the most extraordinary set of circumstances,” the A-grade student pronounced, already adopting that precise and condescending style of speech favoured by folkies and beer enthusiasts alike. “And this Owd Roger puts me to mind of the O’Hanlon’s Yellowhammer (ABV 4.2%) one supped at the Double Locks just outside of Exeter in 1992. I must check my log book.”

The copy heard by Barham of Basket of Light, Pentangle’s third and most commercially successful album, originally belonged to Barham’s grandfather, a semi-retired artisanal cheese maker. However, no-one knows, or is willing to admit, why it was on the turntable.

“I think of Pentangle more as a folk-jazz band than a folk-rock band,” said the newly hirsute teen smugly, as if no-one had ever made that observation before. “You see, they don’t impose a rock beat on their material; rather, they allow the songs’ own internal rhythms dictate Terry Cox’s percussion patterns.”

“It’s quite jazzy in that regard,” Barham continued.

There were already bread crumbs and other bits of food in the beard, which the Canterbury resident stroked thoughtfully whilst drinking beer from a monogrammed tankard.

This is not the first time a teenager has been brought over to the ways of folk music and real ale drinking in this manner. Said CAMRA’s Carl Rosenberg of Pentangle Lps: “Honestly, we get more members that way.”

Jamie Barham plans to finish her studies at Simon Langton Girls Grammar School before she begins work as apprentice duster at Cecil Sharp House in London.

Editor: the last of last week’s bonanza, where I passed on a couple Lindisfarne Lps.

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  1. Hilarious! I think this actually happened to me.

    Great record though.

  2. Should we ever be treated to a Princeasbo Best Of I would vote for this one to be included.

    Jeremy: when you say you think this actually happened to you do you mean you actually changed sex as well!? 🙂

    • Thanx, D.

    • Yes 😉

  3. a while back i borrowed a “best of” pentangle CD, and being aware of their reputation made my way through it in the hope of hearing some fine acoustic picking, as well as some interesting work from the double bassist who had impressed me on other records he’d played on by nick drake and david sylvian… sadly though there wasn’t anything of interest to me whatsoever – a real disappointment!

    • As you know, greatest hits albums can offer a misleading portrait; there are plenty of interesting interesting performances on “Basket” (tho’ I don’t like “Sally Go ‘Round the Roses”) or try Jack Orion by Jansch solo.

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