Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (1984)

I FEEL FOR UNews in Brief


(Minneapolis, Minn) — Following repeated massive discharges of substandard product in to the US marketplace, lawmakers in Washington have reached agreement with Warner Brothers Records requiring Prince to regulate his waste dumping, allowing only the release of goods which have passed high federal standards. The national directive means that substandard products such as Emancipation and the Vanity 6 project will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way before they can be ingested by unwary consumers; while healthy releases, such as “Sign “☮” the Times” and “I Feel For You” will be able to proceed unimpeded.

EPA spokesman Jamie Tan hailed the new law, saying, “While Prince is responsible for worthwhile output as well, there’s been far too much transfrontier shipment of low industrial grade and/or potentially toxic material. This legislation will ensure that none of Prince’s hazardous or contaminated waste will reach the American public.”

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  1. Love your wit!! Prince has a tendency to think anything he writes is golden and therefore fit for release. This is to the great disappointment to his fan base. You have a very good take on this decades old situation.

    • Welcome to Thrifty Vinyl and thank you for your kind words.

      As with Elvis Costello, there came a time for me when enough was enough with Prince. As you will see elsewhere, I still collect 12″ of the Purple one with a view to getting the complete collection up to the semi-arbitrary cut off, “Most Beautiful Girl”.

      Still, unlike many others, I rate Come, his late-period, contract fullfilling album, highly.

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