Roxy Music – ‘Stranded’ (ILPS9252) (1973)

RoxyROXY FACE US BOYCOTT OVER NEW Lp COVER             Failure To Show Nips Will ‘Hurt Sales’ Says Atco London, England — Outrageous British art rock band, Roxy Music, are facing the ire of American record consumers over claims they deliberately obscured cover model Marilyn Cole’s nipples on the gatefold sleeve of their new Lp ‘Stranded’. A storm of protest has greeted Atco offices demanding the album be withdrawn until a new cover shot with exposed chapel hat pegs can be substituted.

“This was a definite provocation,” says Marta Josephs, whose consumer group Nipples On Roxy Music LPs (NORML), is spearheading a boycott of the third Roxy album. “How much effort would it have been to push that clingy, sopping wet dress and inch either side to show Miss Cole’s papillae? I mean, she’s turned the high beams on.”

“And, Jesus, doesn’t it just look like she’s got dinner plates an’ all,” she added.

Protesters have not been swayed by the fact that a small section of the model’s left areola is visible. Commenting on the backlash, Roxy Music lead singer Bryan Ferry said: “Bowing to pressure groups is obviously anathema to an artist, but I have heard your anxieties and I promise the next Roxy album will feature both visible head lamps and spiders legs.” MusicEditor’s note: from a boot fair in Headcorn, my favorite Roxy album.

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  1. Mine too, and it was my first – RM album I mean.


    • While ‘Stranded’ is my favorite, I like all Roxy Music records, even the bad ones.

      • Me too. Although I am completely sold on Soul, especially nowadays, RM, Bowie and The Dan would consistently be my first “go to”s for the desert island.

  2. as a “septic”, asbo may know this already, but in the course of my research to find out what exactly was inferred as “spiders legs” (ooh er missus), i discovered that having such things on the cover of “country life” was obviously too much for bashful americans, so the US release looked like this:

    on the musical front: although i liked some earlier roxy stuff, for me their finest moment as a whole (by far) is “avalon”…

    • Such a poor cover, as if it was a f*ck off to the record co. As for my New Year’s Eve, I feel like shite with a cold and am watching Bourne Id on the interweb.

  3. does anyone know what the new year equivalent of “bah humbug!” is?

    call me a sad bastard if you like (i don’t care!), but instead of hanging around with crowds of touchy-feely over-emotional inebriated strangers who wouldn’t otherwise give me the time of day any other day of the year, i instead chose to spend a very pleasant evening (other than for the odd intrusion of fireworks) at home watching the finale of season 6 of “dexter”…

  4. Ha! I tried to think of a New Year’s companion to “bah” as well, though I would have just as soon been with friends making merry in this case; still feeling rough, tho’ because of a cold/fever, not self-inflicted.

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