Pixies – Doolittle (CAD 905) (1989)



(Columbus, Ohio) – In a bid to impress her younger and hipper work colleagues at a Columbus office supply company New Year’s Eve party, Erika Jenkins, 47, announced that she attended a Pixies concert at the Newport Music Hall over 20 years ago “on the Doolittle tour, when they were in their prime.” This represents the tenth time the Perry’s Paper manager has attempted this particular conversational gambit in the intervening decades. However, it was seen to have little effect on those present who were either too young to remember the Boston band or dismissive of indie guitar music.

“Oh yeah,” recalled Marcus Lincoln, 26, a web designer at Perry’s, “[Erika] mentioned that she used to go to gigs a lot. I think she said she saw Primus once, maybe.”

“It was kind of cute/kind of sad the way she was trying and failing to connect with the younger people in the IT department,” he said. “Maybe if she said she’d seen Dr. Dre around that time I might have been a bit more wowed.”

“No, wait, it was the Pixies,” Lincoln added. “That’s it.”

Nodding her head and smirking to indicate a deluded kind of cultural superiority, Jenkins also revealed that Pixies lead singer Black Francis subsequently asked her for “a little bump” or, failing that, where he “could score some blow” at a New Bomb Turks gig the two coincidentally attended at Stache’s just after the Pixies show. “It was pretty cool,” she claimed to the nonplussed throng of twenty-somethings.

Next day, Carole Marcy, 22, a part-time OSU student temping at Perry’s tweeted, “Lst nite party Perys mgr so showin off about drg buddies/hippies in a band or Whtevs! If I didnt need to totaly suck up to get more hours, I no way would hve bin lissenin.”

Jenkins later followed her colleagues to a dance club where there were able to ditch her.


Editor’s note: I blow hot and cold on Pixies, but couldn’t resist the vinyl for £1 at Red Cross this afternoon.

Doolittle inner sleeve

Doolittle inner sleeve

Not that I’m a huge fan, but I like the way 4AD achieved a dynamic consistency in their cover artwork; in other words, the designs are all quite different from each other yet manage to be readily identifiable, à la Atlantic and Blue Note in the 50s/60s. These days it seems like only re-issue labels like Blood & Fire or Numero Group or boutique ones (e.g. Tempa’s actual record label) bother with such strong aesthetic coherence. Certainly can’t think of any mainstream ones.

Other side of the Doolittle inner sleeve. Duh.

Other side of the Doolittle inner sleeve. Duh.


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  1. I’ve got a 10″ vinyl Pixies box set from the 90’s that is beautifully packaged and designed – it even has hidden tracks, you have to lift the stylus up and over a closed groove to get to them. Doolittle’s pretty fine and may even impress some of my workmates….

    • If you’re a vinyl fetishist, it’s classy stuff, for real.

  2. Reblogged this on Time for Action.

    • Cheers!

      • glad to be of service. Redistribution of information to the masses !

  3. as a peer of “black francis” and his chums, whatever appeal they may have had left me totally nonplussed… however many plaudits were heaped upon them by the music press at the time (emperor’s new clothes music or what?)

    talking of which, that reminds me: when all my peers were wetting themselves over the stone roses debut album, i gave my cousin’s copy a spot-check listen on headphones to see what all the fuss was about, and didn’t find anything remotely interesting – even though it only took a few minutes, it a complete waste of my time!

    • Like I said, sometimes I’m in the mood for Pixies, but, like you, I’m surprised at the fuss over Stone Rs; extremely mediocre (if that’s not an oxymoron).

  4. Ha! Well, her colleagues sound shit. Dr Dre over the Pixies! I have probably only listened to the Pixies once in the last 4 years, but if you’ve any clue about music, you can’t doubt their genius. And then you have Dr Dre, the 2 note pile of wank.

  5. You do realise the people in the story are all made up?

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