Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard (RSO De Luxe 2479 119) (1974)

Crapped OnBy the mid-70s, after decade’s worth (more of less) of comet-like brilliance, British rock royalty found itself in the unfamiliar, contradictory surroundings of middle age. So they turned professional. Records like Who By Numbers, Venus & Mars, Black & Blue, Walls & Bridges, Soap Opera and 461 Ocean Boulevard all demonstrate a triumph of likeable mass entertainment product over willful primativism and boundary pushing art. Post-Sixeventies Rock, if you will.

And then punk came and changed everything forever, not only putting paid to such middle-of-the-road goings on as the above, but laying waste to the entire Judeo-Christian/Capitalistic foundations upon which they were built, leaving the Anarchist utopia with which we’re all familiar in its wake.

I’ve been pretty hard on EC before, but this is a pretty tasty record; it certainly makes more sense than his compilations. I was tempted to write a “news” story entitled CLAPTON’S “SHERIFF” IN NOT-THE-WORST-REGGAE-COVER SHOCK, but thought that TV readers could do just as well in their minds; btw, the winner in my story was a tie between “Tide Is High” by Atomic Kitten and Bony M’s “Rivers of Babylon”.

Another pound from Red Cross yesterday.

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  1. boney m’s “rivers of babylon” wasn’t reggae – it was definitely dire disco (and the b-side “brown girl in the ring” that radio 1 jock “slimy” bates bigged-up so it rose again in the charts was even more nauseating)…

    maybe you’re thinking of their interpretation of “no woman no cry”?

  2. No dispute that the BM track was disco of the direst sort, but it was originally a reggae by the Melodians.

    I am fortunate enough not to know their version of “No Woman”. I intend to keep it like that.

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