Joni Mitchell – Blue (K44120) (1972)

Note the textured cover. I believe that means it's a first UK edition.

Note the textured (gatefold) cover. I believe that means it’s a first UK edition.

News In Brief                                                                                    JONI MITCHELL INSPIRES LOCAL GIRL TO WRITE SELF-OBSESSED POETRY

(Columbus, Ohio) — Anna Gadd, 14, has been inspired to write solipsistic verse after listening to Joni Mitchell’s masterpiece Blue. The 1972 Lp, which features stark revelations about the Canadian singer-songwriter’s personal life, has galvanised the Clintonville teen into believing that she, too, should creatively dispense intimate secrets that really should be kept private. To that end, Gadd has begun posting her whiny, self-obsessed poetry on a blog called All About Me.

“If I learned anything from Blue,” Gadd shared, “it’s that people need to hear my private thoughts, fears and hopes.”

“And of course loads about my love life,” she winked.

Her first poem, “Why My Mom Is Such A Bitch”, has already received two likes. Gadd’s mother could not be reached for comment.

Editor’s note: Another of those records perpetually on Top 100 lists that has thus far failed to charm me. But it was only a pound at Cats’ Protection this afternoon and I figured maybe I’ve matured enough to get it by now. A first listen has so far not put me off.

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  1. although there are a couple of half-decent tracks on this LP, personally i much prefer (and recommend) the following post-folk albums she made with the cream of jazz-fusion session players: “court and spark”, “hejira”, and in particular “the hissing of summer lawns”…

  2. C&S was at Cats’ Protection. Maybe I’ll go back for it.

  3. if so, better be quick – a copy in decent nick will be worth more than they’ll be asking for it…

  4. What wilberfroce said.

    Car On A Hill, aahhh.

    Edith And The Kingpin, aahhh again.

  5. if i had a pound the number of times i’ve listened to “edith and the kingpin”… there’s also a great version of it (featuring jaco pastorius on bass) on the live album “shadows and light”.

  6. […] to the strong persuasion of both Wilberforce and Darcy, I swung by Cats’ Protection in Hythe (on my way to the rental […]

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