Smith & Mighty – “Anyone” (BEATM2 12) (1988)

Dedicated to 3 StripeHaving lived in Bristol a decade and a half ago, I’ve maintained an avuncular fondness for things ‘Bristol Sound’. And of all the 90s Brizzle groups, nominal underacheivers/cult item Smith & Mighty were probably my favourite; I even saw them at a festival in Fishponds north of the city center, subsequent to their Bass In Maternal Lp (not to mention once spying the distinctive looking Ray Mighty, wearing a Smith & Mighty t-shirt, at the Tesco near Ikea off the M32). A relatively poorly written précis of the scene, only partly due to its subjects’ reticence and inarticulateness, Phil Johnson’s Straight Outta Bristol, put me on the S&M tack.

I’ve got a couple highly listenable S&M cd comps on !K7, but I’m always on the lookout for Cup of Tea, Three Stripe and More Rockers vinyl and was quite pleased to find this twelve, the second time they successfully deconstructed a Bacharach/David, at a bootfair in Ashford. BTW, it’s a shame they’re stuck with that band logo, isn’t it?

Rob Smith, of course, has gone on to produce several interesting singles as RSD for various dubstep labels, for which I’ve had to pay retail. Somehow, I don’t see any Punch Drunk or Tectonic coming chaz shop-way anytime soon.

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  1. Fishponds calling. Yay!

    My son’s circle of friends when he was at school included S’s (or was it M’s) daughter – that’s a pretty lame attempt at a name drop isn’t it? 🙂

    Have never come across an S&M record in the chazzas and boot fairs in Bristol and surrounding.

    • I used to live a few houses away from St. George’s park, so F’ponds wasn’t too far a trek.

      Certainly less lame than a supermarket spot!

      There was another Cup Of Tea single, not Smith &t., but related, I found at a Whitstable chaz.

      • St. George is currently home to my favourite charity shop – a local cat rescue place. The true independents always offer the best chance of something worthwhile. Had some good scores there in the last few months.

  2. I think that’s true. [Conspiracy theory voice] The bigger ones cream the good stuff off and try to use the interweb to sell it on or worse try and sell for misguided megabucks on site.

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