John Lennon – Imagine (SW 3379) (1971)


(London, England) — In an interview with the Evening Standard‘s Maureen Cleave, John Lennon has claimed that the Beatles are more popular than all the major world religious figures put together. “Religion will go,” he is reported to have said. “We’re more popular than Jesus Christ, Abraham, Mohammed of Mecca, Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha, Guru Nanak, Moses, Confucius, and Krisna combined now.”

“Their disciples are alright,” the Beatle continued, “But all these revered spiritual leaders were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it [religion] that ruins it for me.”

In the article, “How Does A Beatles Live?”, Lennon further stated, “In comparing us with Jesus Christ as a person and God as a thing or whatever it is, we are not only better, but greater.”

At press time, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroasterian, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu leaders have issued a joint statement praising Lennon’s proclamation, calling it a “perfectly accurate assessment of Beatle music’s superior-in-every-way relation to all current and past religious thought” and urging their followers to burn religious texts in organised rallies.

Imagine 2Editor’s Note: One of my earliest flea market thrifts, from a large Sunday morning event at a Dublin, Ohio drive-in circa the late 70s, my copy of Imagine included the poster (not shown), post card and lyric/credits inner sleeve.

inner sleeve Imagine

The post card was, of course, a none-too-subtle dig at Paul and Linda’s contemporary Ram.


This little piggie…

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  1. mmmm…tasty inner sleeve

  2. One of the things I’ve tried to do to make this, let’s face it, pretty silly site a touch more useful is the inclusion, when appropriate, of back covers, inner sleeves, posters, labels, etc. In this way, it becomes a slightly better resource. That’s the thinking anyway.

  3. …and it’s much appreciated. My copy (also a charity shop bargain) just has a boring old white inner sleeve. Thoughtful inner sleeve design is just one of the many things that tickles me.

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