Aretha’s Gold (588 192/K40036) (1968)

It's Gold, Jerry. Gold!

It’s funny what you remember. One of my favorite thrift days was as a 14 or 15 year-old. A pop-up flea market was being held on the second floor (first floor, if you’re British) in one of downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio’s commercial buildings while it was being cleared out to make way for a new business. That day I bought Stardust by Willie Nelson, The Exciting Wilson Picket and Aretha’s Queen of Soul. That’s it, no revelations or anything, just a satisfying day buying great records for cheap; yet I still cling to the memory when the details of far more momentous life events escape me. Like I said, funny what you remember.
Back Gold
I’ve since lost all three albums and, despite thoroughly enjoying them, I’ve never replaced them. I do buy Aretha whenever I have the chance as evidenced by my purchase of Aretha’s Gold at the Oxfam in Canterbury. It was on sale, you see. I think they may be phasing out the vinyl there.

By the way, though they may have baulked at Sister ‘Re’s Etch-A-Sketch eyebrows and the fact that, at the time, there were only four Atlantic full-length records extant from which to draw a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation, Lp completists would nonethess feel compelled to own the generously appointed and well-programmed Gold due to its inclusion of the non-album single, “The House That Jack Built”. During the following 6 years, Atlantic would issue yet three more ‘Best Of’ anthologies–gotta be some kind of record company superlative.

Mo' PlumNot sure what to make of the sticker on the back indicating a different catalogue no. to the ones on the label and spine. It might have something to do with the fact that the sleeve has been drilled. Perhaps a well-informed Thrifty V reader could explain.

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