D’Angelo – Voodoo (MCR 902) (2000)

Voodoo 2GOD TO D’ANGELO: ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’                       Deity Finally Answers Neo-Soul Singer’s Thanks

(Heaven) – It’s taken a little over thirteen years, but God has finally responded to D’Angelo’s Voodoo liner note acknowledgment with a simple, heartfelt “You’re Welcome” on the neo-soul singer’s myspace page.

God didn’t get Voodoo when it was first released on Virgin in 2000 (“It must have slipped through the net!”), only picking up the recent deluxe re-issue on Light In the Attic’s Modern Classics Recordings imprint last month. It was at this point that the Lord caught D’Angelo’s “All thanks and praises 2 Yahweh Yahushina” notice on the inner gatefold’s liner notes.

“I was, like, ‘Wow, [D’Angelo] wants to thank and praise Me for My inspiration–that’s so cool’,” recalled our Heavenly Father, smiling beatifically. “It’s always nice to be recognised and I though it would be churlish, even bad-mannered, not to respond.”

Summing up the double Lp’s style as, “Marvin, Al and Sly meet at Paisley Park circa 1986 with judicious elements of hip-hop sprinkled liberally throughout”, the Almighty posted His message yesterday on http://www.myspace.com/dangelo. In the post, God praised Voodoo‘s “rough-hewn performances” and singled out the vocalist born Michael Eugene Archer for a “bravura, even virtuosic demonstration of the singer’s art”. Concluding the short note with “and basically, you’re welcome”, the Light of the World copied and pasted the e-mail on to the http://www.okayplayer.com/dangelo site listed on the album credits (“just to be sure [D’Angelo] got it”), but unfortunately the link didn’t work.

Despite a longstanding reputation for wrath, God turned vengeful only when asked why He hadn’t responded to D’Angelo at the time of Voodoo‘s original issue. “Listen, buddy,” the Creator replied testily, “you try administering Heaven and Earth full-time and see how much time you’ve got for pleasantries. Please!”

God went on to say that He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe His inspiration of D’Angelo was waning: “I mean, it’s been thirteen years and counting since Voodoo, where’s album number three?”


Editor’s note: Alas, not a thrifty vinyl, but a retail one (one of only two[!] purchased in the last 3 months). It’s a great record, thoroughly recommended. A friend tells me CDs of this are going cheap at HMV–check it out.

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