Animal Magic 12″ EP


Found this little nugget in the same pile as the Pigbag records, at the Cancer Research on Fishponds High Street. I suspect they all came from the same previous owner, as this is another nice example of that early eighties post-punk-funk thang with a strong Bristol connection.

Animal Magic’s EP is a tidy four-tracker released on Recreational Records, manufactured and distributed by Revolver, who’s phone number is included on the sleeve. Its been a while since I saw the old 0272 dialing code. Most Bristolian music lovers will remember the Revolver Records shop at the top of Park Street as an oasis of good alternative music.

I’d never heard of the band before (I was only 13 years old in 1982 when this record was released and not well versed in local indie-funk activities). There’s a nice picture of Howard, Mark, Mark, Gill and Rob on the rear sleeve…


I’ve been quite charmed by their scratchy, urgent tracks. I particularly like the way the horns sound a bit out-of-tune, in a good way, similar to the semi-dissonant arrangements of more industrial-tinged groups like A Certain Ratio and 23 Skidoo.

I was wondering whatever happened to them all. There doesn’t appear to be much information about them out there, but thanks to Bristol Archive Records, their music does live on in the digital realm.

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  1. I was a big fan of Revolver Records during my time in Brizzle. At the time Blood & Fire, Pressure Sounds, etc. were at their height and I bought many a reggae CD there.

  2. i presume the reply by princeasbo means he is not the author of this review… although i have no idea who is, because it doesn’t give any credit! can anyone at thrifty vinyl do anything about this?

    • As Fishponds (yay!) is mentioned I assume ekolad has surfaced again!

    • I’ve tried on the dashboard to make it so the author is credited (as it used to be!) without luck. Using your knowledge of their differing styles and locations, take it as a Sherlock Holmes-style challenge to your senses to figure out which TV writer is responsible for which post.

  3. Count me as one of those “Bristolian music lovers” who used to frequent Revolver. Reqgae 12″, punk pic sleeve 7″, import funk…. sigh.. those were the days.

    Fishponds Cancer Research has been a bit dry for me of late, I wonder why. Still, happy with my Nancy Sinatra LP frpm Staple Hill PDSA today.

    • Not guite sure where the q in Reggae came from! 🙂

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