Summit Meeting (33SX 1419) (1961); Louis Armstrong – His Greatest Years Volume 1 (PMC 1140); Johnny Hodges – Not So Dukish (CLP 1487) (1961); The Best of the Modern Jazz Quartet (SL 10141)

SAM_1382I was cycling home from varnishing the floor at the rental property and decided to travel the back route in order to stop by the Lord Whisky Cafe for a quick browse. So far, so pointless Facebook update. Things started poorly; I was looking at albums I’d passed on a dozen times over the past four years. I was about to amscray when I espied a new box of records hidden in the corner. LouisStraightaway, I picked up these ex-Library* jazz discs. Summit Meeting is, I believe, an early 60s Vee-Jay Records jazz sampler. It is uniformally excellent. I already own the tracks from the Armstrong anthology on the beautiful 4-CD Columbia/Legacy The Complete Hot Fives and Hot Sevens Recordings, but couldn’t resist having a few on vinyl.
Not So Dukish, as in Ellington, I have yet to listen to, and so can’t comment. Looks nice, no? Finally, the MJQ compilation comes from that Thrifty Vinyl favourite’s earlier Prestige years (1952-1956), prior to their triumphs at Atlantic and finds the foursome in sombre mood. A good day’s work, then.SAM_1384*The Command Library, H. Qrs. Eastern Command, Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow, MX, Tel: HOU 2371 Ext. 245, to be precise.

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