Ringo Booklet

RingoRINGO VOTED 2ND MOST POPULAR LIVING EX-BEATLE FOR FIRST TIME                                         Controversial Thrifty Vinyl Poll Once Again Includes Pete Best

(Columbus, Ohio) – With the recent release of the well-received Ringo 2012 and the upcoming All-Starr Band tour of the Pacific Rim, cited as reasons for the high Ringo turnout, Ringo Starr has been voted undisputed second favorite living ex-Beatle for the first time ever in 42 years of post-Fabs polling by Thrify Vinyl.
The Most Popular Living Ex-Beatle Polls conducted by Thrifty Vinyl for the years following George Harrison’s death in 2003 saw unusually large write-in support from those still faithful to sacked Pete Best. These were busy times for Best with the nascent Beatle drummer’s Record Fair and Beatles Convention tour culminating in stunning performances at BeatleFests 2005 and 2006 where Best talked at length about his brief stint with the band during its early days and subsequent years-long and painfully deep bitterness.SAM_1395

Perhaps inevitably, questions have arisen some about what constitutes a “living ex-Beatle” with the more doctrinaire refusing to recognise any poll results featuring Best.SAM_1398

“If Ringo ain’t in it, it ain’t the Beatles,” Columbus welder Geoff Seabrook, 28, says flatly. “What next, Stu Sutcliffe? Do we make members of the Quarrymen eligible for the poll? Where does it end?”SAM_1396

But Reynoldsburg substitute teacher Hazel Whist, 36 , believes the Best results are legitimate. “The band began trading under name ‘Beatles’ when Pete Best was in them. That’s an indisputable fact.”SAM_1400

“And he was crucial in developing their early style,” Whist points out. “I personally think Stu Sutcliffe should be included for the same reasons, even allowing that his musical contribution was considerably less vital than Pete Best.”SAM_1399

In related news, Ringo Starr has also received first prize in the ninth posthumous Yassir Arafat Look-A-Like Contest.


Editor’s note: The second time Ringo has been featured in these pages. The crucial difference being that I bought the booklet that accompanied the album as a standalone at a Hythe Bootfair since my other copy was in bad shape due to water damage. Klaus Voorman is responsible for the line art.

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  1. What about Jimmy Nicol – the forgotten ex-Beatle?

  2. Fact!

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