The Best of ZZ Top (1977)


(London, England) — ZZ Top, the authors of such gems as “Tush”, “Pearl Necklace”, “Tube Steak Boogie” and “Woke Up With Wood” have found themselves bereft of inspiration of late. That is, until the recent purchase whilst on tour in the UK of Roger’s Profanisaurus – Das Krapital, a compendium of over 10,000 rude words and phrases published by the editors of British adult humour comic Viz. As a result of accessing so many euphemisms and otherwise colourful expressions related to human reproduction, “the lil’ ol’ band from Texas” have written an entire Lp, to be called Stir the Stew, which they expect to record on returning to the USA.

The full track-list is as follows: “Ladypetals”; “Minge Syringe”; “(She Went From) Dashboard to Airbag”; “Doin’ the Waikiki Sneaky”, “Barber’s Bridge Blues”, “The Famous Five Go To Brighton”; “I’m Playin’ Off the Red Tee Tonight”; “She’s As Easy (As A Two-Piece Jigsaw)”; “The Sooty & Sweep Movement”; “Jerk Sauce”; and “(Give Her) A Quick Coat of Paint”.

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