Hüsker Dü – Flip Your Wig (SST055) (1985)


(Columbus, Ohio) — After nearly a decade of mourning, Darren Wiggins has be able to come to terms with the death of his affection for Hüsker Dü. With the new-found sense of closure meaning that “a great burden has shifted from [his] soul” and allowed the 44-year-old video editor “to move on with [his] life”, Wiggins says he will no longer be listening to the half-formed, ostensibly pop, rants of the Minneapolis punk band.

“I’ve tried over the years, but the fact is there’s simply no spark left between me and Hüsker Dü.”

The cessation of emotional ties was bittersweet for Wiggins, who remembered with fondness the day his college chum Samuel Wenther gave him Zen Arcade for a birthday present during his sophomore year at Otterbein. “It was a sweet gesture, much appreciated,” recalled Wiggins. “But seriously, when was the last time I listened to Zen Arcade?”

“Or talked to Sammy, for that matter,” he added.

And so, with many, many better conceived and executed albums to choose from, the Columbus father of three no longer feels the compunction to cling hopefully, desperately to the remnants of his youth. “There’s so much ‘grown-up’ music out there to explore,” the beaming local man told reporters. “It really feels like I’ve finally left my young adulthood behind me.”

Wiggins cited the “same-yness of the performances and arrangements” and “the flatness of Spot’s drum production” as particular reason for his mid-life dismissal of what was once one of his favourite bands. “Both the overall ‘roar’ and Grant Hart’s drum sound are distinctive, no doubt about it,” Wiggins explained. “But over the course of an album, let alone seven, it becomes a bit much.”

“Obviously, I will be hanging on to my Hüskers records,” Wiggins added. “You know, in case I come back around to them.”


Editor’s note: I found this and Candy Apple Grey at a chaz in Truro last year, doubling my Hüskers collection at a stroke. I still listen to them when the mood hits.

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  1. This album reminds me of being 17 and drinking rocket fuel until I spewed on my friend’s front porch. Good times….

    • Rocket Fuel being Antipodean slang for…?

      • Rocket fuel is when you blend a number of spirits into one bottle. For some reason lots of teenagers think that this is the way you drink…

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