The Doors – Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine (8E-6001) (1972)

WeirdRIP Ray Manzarek

Fans who’ve moved on to more “mature” forms of music have a tendency to sneer at the Doors’ musical pretensions and its lead singer’s delusions of poetry. However, I have no such qualms, embracing the band’s over-reaching as demonstrative of the anything-goes spirit of the times. Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine* was the Doors’ second best of, the first to be released after Jim Morrison died. An artful curation, it cherry picks lesser-known works, such as “Peace Frog/Blue Sunday” and “Horse Latitudes” in favour of more obvious choices like “Touch Me” and “Hello, I Love You”. The latter having appeared two years before on the (mostly singles) anthology 13, one assumes Weird Scenes was designed, in contrast, to make the case for the Doors as rock innovators, not pop stars. The inclusion of L.A. Woman outtake “(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further”, previously available as the b-side of “Love Her Madly”, and “Who Scared You”, which was “Wishful, Sinful”‘s flip makes the present compilation that much more collectable; however, I don’t think Morrison is the singer on the Willie Dixon track and neither are masterpieces.

Thrifted years ago in the States.

* the title is a lyric from the band’s Oedipal drama, “The End”; it’s probably no accident that it sounds like an EA Poe short story to me.

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  1. This is lurking in my collection as well. The Doors were great that’s for sure.

  2. I regret not buying this in years gone by when copies were cheap and plentiful. I may still buy it – partly for the cover, partly for the title, but mostly just for the sheer hell of having it! The Doors work remains a fairly sacred text for me, despite their mass popularity and Morrison’s obvious – but mostly endearing – pretensions.

  3. Well said. And it is a well put-together anthology. More of a collector’s choice than a crowd pleasing comp.

  4. I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This post posted
    at this site is in fact pleasant.

    • Gee thanks. Coming from you Online High School, that means a lot to me.

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