Linda Lewis – Lark (K 44208) (1972)


(Los Angeles, CA) – Warner-Reprise Records, in conjunction with Rhino Handmade Records, are set to reissue UK singer Linda Lewis’s landmark 1972 album Lark as a 10 CD/15 Lp box set. In addition to now-standard deluxe fare such as digital remastering, analog remastering, alternate takes, alternate mixes, demos, mono editions, extended studio chat as well as DVDs of Top of the Pops performances/rehearsals and a 2 hour+ making of documentary, the gargantuan treasure trove will feature a 14″ x 14″ thick cardboard box with a “tip on” mylar-coated sleeve, hand-covered in actual lark feathers. Also included is a book of stamps featuring the head of the five-octave session singer photoshopped onto the bodies of early 1970s Playboy centerfolds. People who buy the first edition of the Lark re-issue will receive a coupon redeemable for a provocative 2x life-size in-store stand-up of the image of the West Ham songwriter-producer born Linda Ann Fredericks from the 1977 Woman Overboard album. A 345-page, perfect-bound book of co-producer Jim Cregan’s session notes completes the package.

Rhino also plans to make available a “super deluxe version” containing all of the above material on unplayable 21 one-sided 10″ 78 rpm shellacs (each weighing 440 grams!) along with a sensory deprivation chamber that has been embossed with images from John Kosh’s original sleeve and then signed and numbered by the artist. “Actually ‘sensory deprivation chamber’ is a bit of a misnomer,” explained Manny Birnbaum, the Rhino executive who spearheaded the project. “In fact, while you lay suspended completely motionless in warm, odourless distilled water in complete darkness, your auditory senses will be vaguely stimulated by an MP3 loop of Lark played at subsonic volume.”

Fans of Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Minnie Ripperton will find much to unfavourably compare here. Likewise, the gentle, commercial nature of the music will appeal to those who find Laura Nyro too challenging. US music consumers will likely not have heard of Lark‘s sole UK Top 20 hit, the helium-voiced “Rock-a-Doodle-Doo”.

Birnbaum called the sets “in no way excessive” and “perfectly commensurate with the artistic merit of the masterpiece that is Lark“.

As extra incentive to early purchase, as if any were needed, the first 1,000 copies will come with a bonus disc of the 1987 CD edition on EG (EGKC 6) of King Crimson’s Larks’ Tongue In Aspic, copies of which currently lie unsold in a Warner’s warehouse in Burbank, California. By remarkable co-incidence, the King Crimson Lp originally saw release just one year after Lark.

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  1. i’m not sure how much of this news is true and how much is a wind-up! i suspect the latter regarding the life-size image of the “woman overboard” pic (which i’m sure has its admirers – for non-musical reasons of course):

    • The editors of Thrifty Vinyl thank you for posting the link to Woman Overboard.

  2. Not greatly exaggerated! Johnny Rotten must be pissing himself with laughter that the sole album by the most iconoclastic band of the 70s (or any era) is now being repackaged as an icon with a deluxe edition.

  3. I have always treasured my copy of Fathoms Deep, and have very recently found a new treasure in her first album Say No More.

    (and the beauty of the internet allows me to frequently refer to Woman Overboard – purely for research purposes of course).

    • “Research”

  4. Where can I buy it? 😉

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