Dubble Attack – The Original Pantomine Dee-Jay Collection 1972-74 (GREL601) (1989)


(Kingston, JA) – Jamaican MC Waanriddim is a DJ with a difference: the rapper born Neville Richard only ever rides a single backing track.

“Ain’t But De Waanriddim” (Studio Waan 7″), the Kingston DJ’s debut single, is currently number 18 on the Billboard download chart. It is featured on Waanriddim’s first album, M’ Riddims All Sound De Same (Studio Waan double 10″), a 27-cut “megamix”, which comes out next week. Waanriddim’s sophomore LP, currently under production, is due a few days later on the Channel Waan label. All will utilise precisely the same riddim and feature Waanriddim’s “singjay” style toasts and a few dubs.

One-Rhythm albums (full-length LPs made up of various artists’ vocal, dub, instrumental and DJ versions ‘pon the same backing track) are now relatively common, but, according “Prince Asbo”, a poster on reggae re-issue label Blood and Fire’s message board, “a One-Rhythm career is unique and marks a developmental leap in the history of Jamaican music.”

Some critics have questioned whether a DJ can sustain an entire career comprised of a lone backing track. However, an anonymous Friday Night BBC Radio 1 Dancehall Reggae presenter has suggested that there are “only about four rhythms currently being used in the whole of ragga anyway, and no one has noticed.”

Editor’s Note: Top drawer Greensleeves compilation from roots reggae’s golden age courtesy producer Glen Brown. I am on the look out for sister collections of singers (Boat To Progress! – The Original Pantomine Vocal Collection 1970-74) and dubs (Check the Winner – The Original Pantomine Instrumental Collection 1970 -74).

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