Public Enemy – “Rebel Without A Pause” (651245 6) (1987)

The PEAww, they look so young.

Self-styled public enemy no. 1’s first song created for It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back, they certainly started as they meant to go on: shouty, cacophonous, belligerent and self-righteous. And yet it’s still party music.

I found this along with the Fear Of a Black Planet vinyl and other twelves by PE (“Public Enemy No. 1”), Prince (“Alphabet St.”) and a couple early Go-Go ones by Trouble Funk on D.E.T.T. Records, more of which later.

One of the interesting things about boot fair record shopping (and to a lesser extent chazzing) is when a collection presents itself as a collection. In the case this morning in Etchinghill, this person’s boxes were very deep in terms of early hip-hop and go-go, both specialist subjects. According to the seller, they were her ex’s dad’s records, though I believe she was at least partly mistaken. Yes, there were Lps from the 50s/60s suggestive of someone old enough to be this lady’s former father-in-law, but I think it’s highly unlikely the old man bought Def Jam et al. and these actually belonged to her previous husband. I could be wrong, though.

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  1. And you search the stores
    Attack the racks with your claws
    For the rebels without a pause…

    • WNCL side wins again.

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