Bob Dylan – “Precious Angel” b/w “Trouble In Mind” (S CBS 7828) (1979)


(Columbus, Ohio) — Fans of Bob Dylan were yesterday treated to a concert at The Value City Arena in the Jerome Schottenstein Center where the star apparently, and really we’re just guessing here, remembered all the lyrics to all of the songs he performed.

“It’s not an easy thing to do,” explained long-time Dylan watcher Gary DeSoto. “His songs are absolutely jam-packed lyrically. So, judging only by the rhythm of his vocalisations, I’d say, pretty much, he sang all the correct words in the correct order.”

Others concert-goers were equally impressed: “It’s hard to say for sure, given that he sounds like he’s swallowed a bag of ten-penny nails,” enthused Jaden Carver. “But I know he sang the right number of verses when he did ‘Desolation Row’ so, it seems in all likelihood, he got all the [lyrics] right.”

Audience members remained particularly impressed that Dylan seemed to sing the entirety of brooding Slow Train Coming-era non-Lp b-side, “Trouble In Mind”. “I’d completely forgotten the song existed,” gushed Fi Green, “and here’s ol’ Bob, quite possibly, singing accurately the whole thing.”

While they certainly could be forgiven for being unwilling to be 100% categorical in the matter, everyone interviewed for this story said they believed it was probable that Dylan appeared, for all intents and purposes, to recall and deliver the entire lyrical content of the repertoire he performed yesterday evening in the Schott, though one listener ventured that the veteran folk singer may have switched to Mandarin Chinese at one point during “Love Sick“.

A spokesman for Columbia records could neither confirm or deny that Dylan managed to remember the words to all the songs he sung last night: “Well, if you say so,” he said. “Then, sure, anything’s possible.”


Editor’s note: I rate Dylan’s Christian records highly, so any chance to further glimpse behind the scenes, I go for. Maybe the Bootleg Series Volume 11 will delve a bit deeper.

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  1. listen from 1 min 30 sec here:

    … much more entertaining and listenable than the real thing! (same applies to the neil young parody)

    • Lol.

  2. Since Bob never seems to settle on a final version of some songs (“Tangled Up in Blue” appears to get a rewrite every time it’s performed), it’s rather difficult to say whether the words he sings are correct or not.

    • True ‘dat.

  3. I was tempted to make a dreadful pun about him swallowing the bag of nails to help him nail it, but on second thoughts,,,

    • Thanks goodness you didn’t. That would have been embarrassing. 😉

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