“Best B-Side ever recorded – Charlie”

b-sidePrior to viewing the Barbera Hepworth gallery this afternoon, the Family Asbo settled into a well-manicured, gated garden to enjoy Cornish pasties and nectaries. I’d earlier found no luck in the St. Ives chazzas–this was a mixed blessing, for while there was nothing in the Oxfam Books and Music even remotely interesting, this meant that there was also nothing for me to get all grumpy old mannish about when a given desired item turned out to be out of my price range. It was in the garden that my elder son found the above sticker attached to park bench upon which we’d alighted.

I submit it as a talking point, and posit the Fabs’ “Revolution” as Exhibit A.

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  1. may i submit for consideration “groovy kind of day” by the fatback band (the b-side of “do the spanish hustle”)

  2. An excellent laid back choice, but to narrow the field, let’s say the b-side has to be of the non-Lp variety, a la my second choice “Erotic City”.

  3. If we’re talking Fabs, there’s a wealth of B sides trumping the A sides (Rain / Strawberry Fields / The Inner Light / You Know My Name Look Up The Number…OK, I might be pushing it with that one…)

    My personal fave B side was Renegade Soundwave “Ozone Breakdown” – I’m convinced the only reason that the awful “Probably a Robbery” got in the charts was because all the raving crew bought it for the flip!

    • I think a good case can be made for “You Know My Name”. Sir Spiggy himself suggested to Mark Lewisohn in the “Recording Session” book that it was “probably my favourite Beatles track”, though he may have been high at the time.

      • Ah yes, I remember reading that chapter of the bible. Brian Jones rocks up to the studio with a saxaphone. Good times.

      • If anyone deserved such an absurd delve into their studio minutia, it was them.

        “the bible” — lol.

      • True indeed. I read that at a formative age and was changed forever. Trying to capture some of that sense of adventure, I put a drum machine through a wah wah pedal. It sounded rubbish.

  4. best beatles non-album track b-side: “i’ll get you”…

    • The best early one for me is “This Boy”. One of JL’s best vocal performances, IMO.

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