Lee Perry – “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” b/w “The Perry Christmas Dub” (TRO 9095) (1986)

lee peeThe 1986 vintage does not bode well for this obviously titled Xmas opus from professional kook and religious cherry-picker Perry which I bought yesterday from the Newquay Circus Fields boot fair for fiddy pences. Again, I am currently on safari so am unable to confirm or deny its artistic worth at this time. I might just wait for Yuletide 2013 to find out.

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  1. yes, you should definitely wait until christmas, or at least until the beginning of december to play this…

    that reminds me of my father’s one and only hobby: he had no interest in listening to music whatsoever, other than over the festive period when his “christmas collection” (which got added to every year) was dusted down and played non-stop, just like in a department store. he installed extended speakers as well, so there was practically no way of getting away from it at ground level at home. as you can imagine there was no quality control, so stuff like “panpipes at christmas” abounded… thus forcing me to stay out of earshot whenever possible!

  2. It sounds like I care a bit more what goes on my stereo than your dad, so for me it’s Golden Gate Quartet at Christmas, Phil Spector’s Christmas Album (Apple issue) and–tip, here–a cd of rural English parish church carols and dances associated with Thomas Hardy’s Wessex called Under the Greenwood Tree by the Melstock Band.

  3. i once had a radio show spot playing easy listening and suchlike, and when i broadcasted just before christmas felt compelled to stick in a couple of (relatively tasteful) yuletide offerings: “warm december” by julie london and “happy holiday” by peggy lee.
    if anyone’s interested in hearing the show then here’s the links:

  4. by coicidence came across this single on youtube by a long-forgotten briefly-fashionable 80’s group – makes a change from the usual christmas crap!

  5. Reblogged this on Thrifty Vinyl and commented:

    I decided to reblog this as it’s the season and all that. Here’s a link to the chune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prq75nBe-cQ

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