L.L. Cool J – BAD (1987)

The boot fair (or Car Boot Sale, as the Cornish would have it) yesterday in Mabe started at 1:30 and, having arrived at twenty past, the Family Asbo were there to join the waiting queue to get in and then to hear the klaxon sound to signal time to enter. This was followed by self-conscious laughter from a rabble suddenly cognizant of its own desperation who, nonetheless, were not dissuaded from unashamedly rushing in.LL Cool

Like public transport, you wait forever to find a Def Jam record at boot fair, then several come at once. I think this L.L. Cool J might be a bit early in the so-called Golden Age for my tastes, but we’ll see on my return to Kent in a few days time. Bigger and defferA good time for me, the Mabe Car Boot Sale–I also snagged on the cheap several Fabulous Furry Freak Brother comics, two recent Viz annuals, a couple of vintage original content Mad paperbacks and a graphic novel by Daniel Clowes–we then spent the rest of the day at a beautiful National Trust garden–a high contrast was noted.

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